World's largest mammoth cemetery unearthed in Mexico

World's largest mammoth cemetery unearthed in Mexico

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So far they have found about 200 skeletons of these pachyderms and hope to make more discoveries without stopping the work, taking into account that in May of this year 60 had already been discovered.

New mammoth remains are found on the land where the new Mexico City airport will be built as excavations continue: now about 200 skeletons were discovered and it is expected that many more will be unearthed, until the place becomes the largest cemetery in the world for these extinct pachyderms.

Archaeologists affirmed on September 3 that the Santa Lucia military base has become "a mammoth power station", probably because the shores of an ancient lake attracted these animals and they were trapped in its marshy soil, although the new ones discoveries would help solve the enigma of its extinction.

Until now, More than 8,000 bones have been unearthed and "about 200 bodies of mammoths, about 25 camels and five horses"According to the archaeologist Rubén Manzanilla, a member of the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico, local media report.

The pachyderms would have died of natural causes sometime between 10,000 and 20,000 years ago, although specialists look for marks to know if the hominins hunted some specimens, since they also discovered a large number of tools made from mammoth bone.

In any case, Manzanilla prefers not to advance conclusions "until laboratory studies are carried out, where the traces of the use of these instruments can be seen."

For his part, the paleontologist Joaquín Arroyo Cabrales stressed that it will become a very important place to test hypotheses on the mass extinction of mammoths and said that "in the end, the decision will be that there was a synergy effect between climate change and the presence human ”.

This archaeological site near the capital of Mexico aspires to become the space withmore mammoth bones in the world and surpass other prominent places in Siberia (Russia), Hot Springs or the tar pits of La Brea, in the USA.

The findings could slow down some works, but not stop the construction of the new Santa Lucia airport, as local authorities indicated their intention to complete the works in 2022.

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