Who were the Olympian Gods in Greek Mythology?

Who were the Olympian Gods in Greek Mythology?

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In the Ancient Greece, the religion was polytheistic and they had a very wide pantheon of gods. However, there was a group of them that was considered to be the "Olympian Gods", more frequently called as «The twelve Olympic Gods of Greece"Or the"Twelve Gods of Olympus«.

Who were the Olympian gods?

Defining them is not an easy task since the group of 12 Olympian gods It varies depending on the author that the details, the time and even the city in which they are based.

Here we will show you a list with the twelve Olympian gods of Ancient Greece, being the first 10 members of this group in almost all sources and the last two, could vary depending on the author.

We will add at the end another series of gods that many times were included in this select list, although for this another came out.

By clicking on each name, you can go to its particular biography.

The 12 Olympian Gods of Greece


God of gods, sky and thunder, ruler of Mount Olympus. He is the husband of Hera and the father of Hercules, one of the best known characters in popular culture. Its symbols include the thunderbolt, the eagle, the oak, and the scepter.


She is the goddess of marriage and family. Queen of the gods and wife of Zeus, of whom she is also a sister. It is usually represented with the crown, the peacock, the pomegranate and the cow.


God of the seas, earthquakes and horses. He is the brother of Zeus and Hades and his most recognizable symbol is the trident, as well as the horse, the bull and the dolphin.


Goddess of agriculture, fertility, nature and the seasons of the year. Its symbols are the poppy, the wheat, the torch and the pig. She is the sister of Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Hades, and Hestia. His daughter, Persephone, is his brother's wife Hades and represents one of the most famous myths: that of spring.


God of commerce and rhetoric. It was him messenger of the gods and he is represented with sandals, a winged helmet and a caduceus.


God of fire and forge. He was the blacksmith and craftsman of the gods. It is symbolized with a forge, an anvil, fire, a hammer, a donkey, pincers and the ax. He is the husband of Aphrodite.


Goddess of love, beauty and desire. It is represented with the dove, the bird, the apple, the bee, the swan, the myrtle and the rose. She is the wife of Hephaestus.


Goddess of wisdom, craftsmanship, defense, and strategic warfare. She is the daughter of Zeus, born directly from his head. It is represented with the owl and the olive tree.


God of light and sun, of knowledge, music, poetry, prophecy and archery. It is symbolized with the sun, the lyre, the bow and the arrow, the raven, the cinema and the mouse. He is the son of Zeus and Leto and brother of Artemis.


Goddess of hunting, virginity, archery and all animals. The bow and arrow, the snake, the deer and the moon are the most representative symbols of this divinity. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the sister of Apollo.


Son of Zeus and Hera and god of war and violence. Represents brutal war, as opposed to Athena. He did not have much strength in Greek mythology, but nevertheless, he is the main god of Roman mythology as Mars. Among its symbols are the wild boar, the snake, the dog, the vulture, the spear and the shield.


Goddess of home and family; and the fire of the hearth. According to some authors, he yielded to Dionisio his place among the Olympian gods.

Other gods considered Olympians


Known as Bacchus in Rome, he was the god of wine, drunkenness, ecstasy, and delirium, being the son of Zeus and Semele, born from his father's leg.


Son of Hermes and the Nymph Diope. Had body of man covered with lake hair, goat legs and horns. Chasing the Nymph Syringa who rejected him, she asked the gods for protection and was turned into a reed. Pan cut the cane and made with it the syringa with which the forests are happy.


Eros is a primordial divinity, son of Chaos and Gaia, and considered "the most beautiful of the gods", who represents the attraction that allows to create life.


Daughter of Zeus and Hera. Being eternal youth, she represented the maid in charge of housework. She poured nectar to the Gods, work in which she was replaced by Ganymede. She married Heracles when he was admitted among the deities.


One of the most famous heroes in Greek mythology. Son of Zeus and Alcmena, he has participated in innumerable adventures together with other gods and mortals, his famous 12 works being especially known, ordered by the king of Patron Eurystheus. He was persecuted all his life by Hera, furious at Zeus's infidelity, although she is, unwittingly, responsible for his immortality.


God of medicine and healing. In some cities he was included among the Olympian gods.

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