Hades, the Greek underworld

Hades, the Greek underworld

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What is hades?

Hades is the Greek underworld, the underground region where the souls of the dead resided under the authority of the God hades and his wife Persephone.

It should be clarified that, originally, hades it would have been located in the confines of the visible world, on an island in the Ocean River.

They were inhabitants and collaborators of Hades: Hecate, the Gorgons, the Greas, the Erinyes, the Harpies, Thanatos and Hypnos.

The regions of hades

Some regions were differentiated in hades:

The Isle of the Blessed: where select souls like those of some heroes went.

The Elysian Fields: the place of the souls of the good and just.

Tartarus: true Hell (as it is currently considered), where were the giants who had risen against the Gods, among others as Sisyphus, Tantalus, Ixion, the Danaids.

This region was separated from the rest by a triple wall, under which ran the Phlegeton river ("River of Fire") and plunged into complete darkness.

Charon and the river Acheron

When people died, their souls were reunited edge of the river acheron ("River of affliction") from where they were transferred to the other shore by the boatman Charon, by paying an obolus.

There they found a grove of poplars of Persephone and the gates of Hades guarded by the Can Cerberus (three-headed dog) that allowed access but not exit.

Judged by the infernal judges, Radamanthus, Minos and Eaco, the souls went to the places that corresponded to them.

Besides of Acheron and Phlegeton, the Hells watered the Cocito ("River of laments"), the Lethe ("River of oblivion") and the river o Styx lake (from Stix: icy cold), over whose waters the Gods made their unshakable oaths.

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