Skin Walkers, mysterious beings that roam in the dark

Skin Walkers, mysterious beings that roam in the dark

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The Skin walker are strange creatures capable of taking on human or animal form and stand up, so they are often associated with a werewolf or other lycanthrope.

Origin of the Skin Walkers

According to information posted on the Myths, Monsters, and Legends blog, Skin Walkers have appeared in many Native American traditions, but its origin comes from the legend of the Yee Naaldooshii, created by Navajo indigenous.

The Legend of Yee Naaldoshii

For the Navajos, a Yee Naaldoshii is a kind of witch who uses his powers to take the form of an animal or a person.

They are also called "clizyatiWhich means pure evil, because they are capable of killing their own family in order to acquire the abilities of the Skin walker.

What do Skin Walkers look like?

The powers that Skin Walkers have they can even absorb people's skin and allow it to enter the body freely with simple eye contact.

Also, the Skin Walkers They are characterized because they do not like light and their eyes can shine the same as those of an animal when they are in human form, and, on the contrary, the brightness in the eyes is null when they are in animal form.

Another defining characteristic is that they are usually naked and covered with the skin of an animal, being regarded by the Navajos as a kind of mask similar to those used in the rites of witches.

Is it a taboo to talk about Skin Walkers?

Despite your beliefs, for the natives it is forbidden to talk about these strange creatures called Skin Walkers, especially if it is at night, as they feel that these creatures might want to enter their homes and attack their family.

According to Navajo beliefs, following a Skin Walker is dangerous, because they have the power to manipulate those who persecute them to take them to the home of relatives or friends, and the only way to get rid of them is by pronouncing the name of the Skin-Walker, but the person will become ill in 3 days and will pay with his life the wrong done.

The myth of human beings capable of transforming into animals (or vice versa) is very present in different cultures and regions of the world.

To cite some famous examples, in Central America they talk about the Nahuales Y in Europe the stories of vampires and werewolves.

So that Skin Walkers wouldn't be the only cryptozoological creatures with this characteristic of metamorphosis.

Image: Pixabay

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