A glacier in Norway melts, exposing Viking objects

A glacier in Norway melts, exposing Viking objects

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Archaeologists from the University of Cambridge (UK) and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have found numerous relics from the Viking era as the Lendbreen Glacier has melted, located in the Scandinavian country.

The research was published Thursday in the journal Antiquity.

Between the things found The remains of a shoe, a knife with a wooden handle, a leather mitten, a spinning wheel used to spin natural fibers, horseshoes, bones and horse manure, remains of sleds, a staff with an inscription and a tunic have been found. of incredibly well preserved wool.

The exhibits reveal the routes used by the ancestors through the mountains. Likewise, experts have analyzed at least 60 elements with radiocarbon dating to determine the age of materials.

In this sense, scientists estimate that the road was used between 300 and 1500 AD, with a "peak of activity" in the 1000s, during the Viking era, when the Norse expanded their influence in Europe.

«My favorite Lendbreen find is a small piece of wood with pointed ends. When we found it, we couldn't understand what it was used for'One of the authors, Lars Pilo, told IFLScience.

This element turned out to be a device to prevent a young animal from being suckled, maximizing milk for human consumption.

Finally, the researchers explain that the evidence «provides new information on the socio-economic factors that influenced high-altitude travel, and increases our understanding of the role of mountain passes in inter- and intra-regional communication and exchange«.

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