II National Prize of Archeology and Paleontology Fundación Palarq

II National Prize of Archeology and Paleontology Fundación Palarq

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From the dayMarch 9 and until May 29 They will be able to choose II National Prize of Archeology and Palentology Fundación Palarq, those research teams belonging to a Spanish institution: universities, research institutes, CSIC, ICREA and related, that are directing a project of Archeology or Human Paleontology, that is in progress at the moment of the announcement of the Prize.

Biennial in nature and endowed with80.000€ It is the first prize that is granted from the private initiative and through a foundation and whose objective is to recognize the excellence and originality of Archaeological or Paleontological projects, directed by Spanish research teams, and developed both nationally and internationally, without restrictions of cultures or historical periods.

Regarding Paleontology projects must be related to human evolution.

The first edition in 2018 featured25 participants6 finalists and an international jury that ruled in favor of the project"Building Tartesos", research on tartessian culture developed by the team led by Dr. Sebastián Celestino Pérez and Dr. Esther Rodríguez González from the Institute of Archeology (CSIC - Junta de Extremadura).

Here you can access the rules and registration of the award.

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