The Mayan Worldview

The Mayan Worldview

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Our universe, according to the Mayans was preceded by three others, which disappeared in separate world cataclysms, which will also happen to ours.

In the early days they lived the dwarfs; in the second the Dzolob; in the third the mayans and in the fourth, ours, all the previous towns coexist.

However, the universe is not a thing created at once, but rather it is a continuous process that goes through different cycles. The best known myth is that of Quiché group, related in the Popol Vuh, of which there are variants in other indigenous groups.

The universe was made up of three planes: Heaven (divided into 13 levels), the earth Y the underworld (divided into nine levels).

Heaven was ruled (according to the Yucatecan Mayas) by the God OxlahuntikúAt the highest level was the Dragon Itzamná (Hunab Ku) the Supreme God, having other gods at different levels.

The earth was divided into four sectors, each corresponding to a Bacabs (or Bacabes) and a color, Cauac (south, red), Mulac (north, white), Khan (east, yellow) e Ix (west, black).

In the center, green in color, there was a great tree that crossed the three cosmic levels and on the top of which stood the bluish-green Quetzal, symbol of the Supreme God.

Just as Heaven was a stepped pyramid, the underworld it was another, but inverted and, at the lowest level, was Ah Puch.

In the Underworld the dead lived together with dangerous animals and the Bolontikú, but it also contained the seeds of new life.

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