Dinosaurs: Caenagnathus, a dinosaur with a confusing history

Dinosaurs: Caenagnathus, a dinosaur with a confusing history

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Caenagnathus file

Translation: "new jaw"
Also known as: Chirostenotes
Description: Carnivore, bipedal
Order: Saurischia
Suborder: Theropoda
Infraorder: Tetanurae (not confirmed)
Microorder: Maniraptora (from the microorder Coelurosauria)
Superfamily: Oviraptorosauria
Family: Caenagnathidae
Length: 2 meters
Weight: 96 kilos
Period: Cretaceous higher

The Caenagnathus it is a genus of dinosaur late Cretaceous caenagnathid oviraptorosaur, which is known through partial remains that include the lower jaws, a tail vertebra, and limb bones.

All of them were found in the Alberta Dinosaur Park Formation, Canada, and its history is confusing. When jaw bones were found in 1936, they were initially thought to be the remains of a bird.

However, in 1988, a remnant found in 1923 was discovered in a warehouse, which served to link several fragmentary species of other oviraptorosaurs into a single dinosaur, which was classified in the Genus Chirostenotes and the name given to 1936 was kept: Caenagnathus.

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