Recommendations for writing good captions on Instagram

Recommendations for writing good captions on Instagram

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A saying says that a picture is worth a thousand words. This without a doubt is the instagram philosophy, one of the most popular social networks of the moment, which has millions of active users around the world.

The power of images on Instagram it is more than evident. However, it must be borne in mind that the message that you want to convey to the audience through them can be reinforced if they are accompanied by the right words, so here are some tips to improve the captions in this social network.

Don't be in a hurry and write lots of drafts on Instagram

Finding the perfect caption Once the publication has been made it is something that usually happens quite often, so it is better not to rush and take some time to write some ideas of phrases for Instagram. Later, you can ask friends or co-workers for their opinion about them.

If the individual writes an excellent caption, you will have a better chance of capturing the attention of your audience, encourage their interaction with the content and get them to want to share it with all their friends. Therefore, the text that accompanies the photo has to add value and serve to understand its context much better.

Keep a fun tone to get a lot likes

One of the reasons for the success of Instagram is its fun and close tone, which has managed to attract millions of young users. It's a good idea to keep that light-hearted tone when writing your Instagram caption to get plenty of likes and followers.

Evidently, for some companies it may be easier than for others to adapt their content to Instagram. Everything will depend on the type of company and the sector to which it belongs. However, if the most serious companies want to succeed in this social network, they have to make an effort to appear more fun and close.

Write the most relevant of the text in the first lines

The user has two thousand two hundred characters to show all their creativity and give free rein to their imagination. However, this does not mean that you have to write long texts.

A good option is to write just a few sentences, although if it extends a little more, you should take into account that the audience will only be able to see the first three or four lines, so it is best that the most relevant of the text appears in them.

Do not abuse the hashtags in your Instagram captions

The hashtags on Instagram they join the conversations of different users in a single sequence, so if the individual's account is public, anyone who performs a search with that hashtag you can find your post.

Thus, using them hashtags suitable on Instagram can help you get more followers, especially if these coincide with your interests. This does not mean that the individual has to flood the captions with tags, since if he does this, a large part of his audience may stop following him thinking that he is doing spam.

It is best to use at most three or four hashtags in every post. These must be naturally integrated into the text, although if this is not possible, it is recommended to put them at the end of the text so that they do not interfere with the message that the individual wishes to convey to his audience in the description of the image.

Don't forget to use emoticons

Emoticons can add personality to captions. Further, these help to achieve that close and casual tone that has been talked about before, which is why most brands usually use them. Keep in mind that emoticons can be very useful to shorten the text.

The truth is that emoticons can be used in different ways in publications. These can be put at the beginning of the post to get the audience's attention or at the end as a kind of punchline.

Increase engagement with your followers with a call to action

Including some type of call to action in the captions is very useful to increase the interaction with the audience and the likelihood that they will share your posts. For this, action verbs have to be used, which ensure that followers not only read the content, that is, that they encourage them to do something.

The individual can encourage users to share their own experiences in the comments and also ask them to tag their friends and share your post with each other. Another good idea is to invite your followers to participate in a contest, since these increase exposure of the brand on Instagram and increase interaction with them.

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