ADIPROPE warns about the need to increase the care, safety and prevention of Spain's World Heritage after fire in Notre Dame

ADIPROPE warns about the need to increase the care, safety and prevention of Spain's World Heritage after fire in Notre Dame

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Faced with the sad events recently experienced in Paris, where an emblematic World Heritage symbol was affected by a terrible fire, the Association for the Dissemination and Promotion of the World Heritage of Spain, ADIPROPE, wants in the first place to regret this serious event as well as show solidarity with the French people and warn about the need to increase care, security and prevention of our World Heritage after the fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

In the words of Mr. Ignacio Buqueras y Bach, president of ADIPROPE: “Spain is the third country with the largest number of spaces declared World Heritage by UNESCO, unique jewels that could also one day suffer a tragedy similar to that of Notre Dame Cathedral ”.

"Let us remember that it was necessary to suffer the terrible earthquake in Lorca for the National Emergency Plan and Risk Management in Cultural Heritage to be created and it was only launched five years ago."

"Currently it is not mandatory to have the risk management plan in our 47 spaces declared World Heritage, something difficult to understand after recent events and, from the Association for the Diffusion and Promotion of World Heritage of Spain –ADIPROPE– we request a quick update of the regulations ”, says Mr. Ignacio Buqueras y Bach.

President Buqueras ends his remarks by explaining that “the tragedy that France is experiencing and, with it, Europe and the world should motivate all responsible citizens to step up. We all can and must collaborate to prevent cases like those experienced in Paris. Our proposals, ideas, offers to collaborate, economic contributions, etc. can be transmitted through the representative entities of civil society that exist throughout Spain, as well as through the social communication media making calls for solidarity. ADIPROPE, offers its email address [email protected] as a platform to channel proposals ”.

For Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, President of the Advisory Council of ADIPROPE - Director General of UNESCO 1987/1999 -, "the safeguarding of world heritage has contributed for centuries to building bridges between cultures, and we are responsible for guaranteeing future generations - our most relevant universal heritage - the care and improvement of this heritage."


Association that disseminates and promotes knowledge of our World Heritage, an agglutination of all those who wish to work in favor of our wide and varied World Heritage, at the same time as being an international reference where professionals, institutions, companies, individuals, ... both national and foreign can find out and motivate themselves.

The Association works on five main points:

  • Dissemination and promotion of the World Heritage of Spain
  • Completion of postgraduate courses (master)
  • Help with the declaration and expansion of the World Heritage of Spain
  • Financing projects for the conservation of World Heritage in Spain
  • Advise countries that want to declare, promote and disseminate their declaration

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