Exhibition "The Cabinet of Rest of their Majesties" in the Prado Museum


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The new exhibition at the Prado Museum aims to evoke, until next November 24, one of the most unique spaces in the Museum during its two centuries of history: The Cabinet of Rest of their Majesties.

The room 39 of the Villanueva building brings together most of the paintings that hung in it from 1828, 44 paintings in total, and the small adjoining room, which was set up as a place for personal hygiene, offers the unrepeatable opportunity to return the toilet cabinet, made in 1830 by Angel Maeso, to its original location.

This installation thus recovers, to a great extent, one of the few spaces of this type that are preserved in the real places and sites and the only one in this museum that can be reconstructed almost reliably.

In addition, this exhibition features Virtual tours that can be done in the same room and one immersive virtual reality experience, available on the Museum's website.

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