Biography of Ana María Velasco Molpeceres

Biography of Ana María Velasco Molpeceres

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Ana Maria Velasco Molpeceres She is a hired researcher and professor at the University of Valladolid. She has a degree in Journalism (UVa), a graduate in Art History (UNED) and in Geography and History (UNED). He has completed the Master in Communication Research as a Historical-Social Agent (UVa) and the Postgraduate Degree in History and Aesthetics of Cinematography (UVa).

Her Doctoral Thesis deals with women, fashion and social change in Spain in the transition from Franco to democracy and her main lines of research focus on social, media and fashion history.

Among his works the book stands out Fashion and women's press in Spain (19th century), published by Ediciones 19, which is a work of great novelty and represents an important compiling effort in the history of fashion communication and the evolution of fashion in Spain.

He has also directed the volume 'History through the mass media: press, cinema and fashion (20th and 21st centuries) ’, published by Creaciones Vincent Gabrielle (2016).

He has coordinated the dossier 'Fashion and Communication in the International Journal of the History of Communication ’ (2018) and published different scientific articles in prestigious journals and collaborated in various books.

He has coordinated the Teaching Innovation ProjectUnderstand Contemporary History ', funded by the University of Valladolid, and is a member of various research and teaching innovation projects.

He has participated in different national and international conferences and has carried out a research stay at the Sapienza Università di Roma.

Likewise, is communication director of the Ateneo de Valladolid and it is part of the Ateneo-Ciudad de Valladolid Novel Prize. He has also collaborated with different media.

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