Lt D.W. Gay's War Effort - Picture from Raid 30

Lt D.W. Gay's War Effort - Picture from Raid 30

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Lt D.W. Gay's War Effort - Picture from Raid 30

This page from Lt D.W. Gay's 'War Effort' includes a picture showing the bombing during Raid 30 of 10 April 1945.

Raid 30 was an attack on German occupied buildings at Menate on 10 April 1945, to support the 8th Army. This photograph shows the bombs exploding in the middle of the buildings. It is also possible to make out more bomb craters amongs the buildings to the left of the picture.

Many thanks to Martin Hampton, the son in law of Lt. Gay, for sending us this material. These pages come from Gay's own private notebook which began with similar infomation to his flight log, but became more detailed, and also included a number of interesting items that had been pasted in.

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