Wahneta II YT-134 - History

Wahneta II YT-134 - History

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Wahneta II

(YT-134: dp. 250; 1. 100'0"; b. 25'0"; dr. 10'0")

Wahneta (YT-134) was laid down on 29 September 1938 at Mare Island Navy Yard, Vallejo, Calif., and launched at midnight on 3 May 1939—as tide conditions were most favorable then—via an "aerial route." Large cranes hoisted her up from her building way, swung her out over the water, and then gently lowered her into the channel. Completed on 23 June 1939, and subsequently commissioned, Wahneta performed towing and fire-fighting duties in the busy 12th Naval District throughout World War II. During this service, she was redesignated YTM-134 on 15 May 1944. After the close of World War II, the yard craft was declared surplus to the Navy needs and was struck from the Navy list on 30 December 1946. She was transferred to the Maritime Commission on 2 June 1947 for disposal.

Wahneta II YT-134 - History

The impetus for this project occurred in 1981 when Society members recognized the need for genealogical research publications related to the cemeteries in Polk County. There was a time lapse on the project until a small group of dedicated members accepted the challenge and began to donate the countless hours and financial support required to make the project a reality. Using The Cracker Tracker&rsquos List of Cemeteries and Burial Sites in Polk County, Florida, by Odell Robinson, and lists of cemeteries prepared by the Committee, the initial scope of the project and the potential burial sites to be included in each volume were determined. Ms. Hazel Bowman completed the histories in the first six volumes. Based on experience, there have been adjustments causing the initial six volumes to become nine and thus extending the time estimated for completion of the project.

Polk County is larger than the state of Rhode Island. The area to be covered, combined with the number of burial sites involved, posed a serious challenge to those doing the onsite work. A decision was made to divide the County into geographical sections (see the map). Earlier volumes required the most travel and took the longest time to complete. The first volume was published in 2001. Since that time four more volumes have been published with the sixth due out in the summer of this year. The final three volumes, located in the Lakeland area, will take time less time to complete.

A grant to the Society from the Polk County Historical Commission makes it possible to give each of the fourteen public libraries in the County a copy of the volumes(s) for the geographical area of the library. In addition, the Society sends a copy of each volume to the Family History Library and the Polk County Historical and Genealogical Library.

The Society has produced a CD for each of the first four volumes and one that combines all four volumes. Volumes I through III are out of print. A limited number of Volume IV is still available. When future volumes are out of print and no longer available, a CD of those volumes will be provided as an alternate resource. The order form on the site may be used to purchase the CDs.

The status of each volume with the communities it covers is provided for those interested in doing cemetery oriented research in Polk County

(Out of print/CD available) Volume I: Bartow, Bradley Junction, Chicora-Brewster, Fort Meade-Brewster, Homeland (west), Keysville, Nichols, Polk/Hardee

(Out of print/CD available) Volume II: Bartow (east), Bereah, Fort Meade, Frostproof, Homeland, Lake Wales

(Out of print/CD available) Volume III: Bartow (northwest), Fuller Heights, Lakeland (south/west), Medulla. Mulberry, Willow Oak

(Limited number available/CD available) Volume IV: Connorsville, Davenport, Dundee, Eagle Lake, Gordonville, Haines City, Lake Wales, Loughman, Wahneta, (Oceola Cty: Oak Hill)

(Limited number available) Volume V: Auburndale, Lake Alfred

Volume VI: Winter Haven (In final edit)

Volume VII: Lakeland North, Polk City (Initial survey completed)

Volume VIII: Greater Lakeland

Volume IX: Oak Hill burial Park

The following list of burial sites included in each volume is provided to assist those doing genealogical research in Polk County:

Delaware County NY Genealogy and History Site

CALEB - I'm researching my 3rd Grt. Grandfather and his family. All I know of him is that his name was Peter B. Caleb, he was born in Hancock, Delaware County, N.Y. on August 3rd, 1801. He married Catherine Stevenson from Sheldrake Point, Ovid, N.Y. He was a shoemaker by trade and died in 1891 in Franklinville, N.Y. (Cattaraugus County) He died a pauper and is buried in Mt. Prospect Cemetery in Franklinville, in the potter's field section. I think he may have had a brother, Jerry and a brother, Christopher. Cannot prove these connections as yet. Am looking for any thing of his parents. His son, Riley, always claimed they were "Pennsylvania Dutch" but none of Peter's children were born in that area. All were born in N.Y. most in western N.Y. Thanks to anyone who can shed some light. Mark Vosburgh - posted 08-2003

CAMERON - I am interested on reserching information on Edith Cameron, Parents were James Clarence Cameron and Lizzy Davenport Cameron. Edith was born on Peaks Brook, Delhi, Deleware County on April 29, 1920. [email protected] - posted 01-2002

CAMPBELL - Looking for information on Daniel Campbell and his descendants, who resided in the Kortright/Harpersfield area after the Rev. War. Daniel is buried alone in the Gilchrist cemetary. His son, James, married Elizabeth McCullough, and they are both buried in the N. Kortright Center cemetary. I have been trying to find out where Daniel came from and what happened to his wife. He and his son reportedly survived the Wyoming Massacre while the wife did not. Larry Campbell - posted 08-2010

CAMPBELL - I am looking for information on Dr. Duncan Campbell (b.1864) that located to Stamford from Canada to practice medical about 1920. His wife was May and they had two daughters Ruth and Gladys(Edith?). By the 1930 census Duncan & May were living in a large home in Harpersfield. Don Blakely - posted 11-2006

CAMPBELL - Searching for any information on Jabez CAMPBELL (1776-1854), long-time resident of Bloomville, Kortright Township, Delaware County. He farmed on property on Scotch Hill Rd. With his wife Polly, he had five confirmed children James (1807-1837), John (1810-1891), Rufus (1816-1870), William (1818-1873), and Dorcas (1820-). Also maybe Maria (d. 1888) and Henriett (b. 1829) but not much known on them. Paul Campbell - posted 03-2004

CAMPBELL - I am looking for info on John Campbell. He married Jane Bidwell in Syney 24 Dec 1902. They have son Robert J Campbell. Birth, Death, anything. Parents names, his obit. Kathleen - posted 01-2003

CAMPBELL - Does anybody know where Jabez Campbell fits in with the rest of the Campbells, Daniel and Michael, from Kortright twp. He is in the Kortright twp 1830 - 1850 census. He was born 1777 and was married to Polly. Two of his sons were John and Rufus, who moved to Chenango co. to farm. Doug Williams - posted 02-2002

CAMPBELL - I'm interested in any information you can provide on the Alexander Campbell family in Andes, New York. Thank You. Doris Campbell - posted 01-2002

CAMPBELL - Requesting help regarding Ulyses CAMPBELL, born 1837, in the Colchester area, (son of Robert Campbell) who married Sarah FRANCISCO, also of Colchester. All information greatly appreciated. Emily Homer - posted 02-99

CAMPBELL - My wife is decendent from The marriage of Sarah Rice and Samuel Tate born about 1778 who came from Ireland with their familly sometime after 1820 and before 1840 and settled Kortright. They became members of GilChrist church. Two of their children have Campbell as a middle name and I am pursuing Campbells of that region in hopes of finding the source of the Campbell name in Ireland. Dick Hahn - posted 08-2004

CANFIELD - I'm interested in information on Clark Canfield, father of Clyde Elijha, father of Howard, born in Stamford in 1911. I feel that Elijha is the base of the Canfield Family as his name is repeated in my grandfathers name, while my father has his grandfathers name repeated in his. Would like to confirm my feelings, and learn more re: dates of birth, death, etc. Wm J. Canfield - posted 3-2002

CANNIFF - Eliza - wife of David Bouton, residing in Clovesville at the time of her marriage. She was born per census records in 1813-1814 in either Tioga or Tompkins county, NY. She was living as a widow in 1880 in the town of Middletown, Delaware County, where she spent her entire married life. Is she a sister to Sally McCann, the daughter of Abraham and Rachel Canniff, who died in the town of Hardenburgh, Ulster Co, on Jan 8, 1897 at age 86, or to Stephen Canniff, residing Hardenburgh, in 1900, aged 80? There is an Abraham Canniff listed in the 1800, 1810, censuses for Dutchess County, and then appears in 1830 in Delaware County. I am wondering how Eliza was born in western NY and then winds up back east. There is rumored Indian blood in this family. Ed Stewart - posted 02-2004

CANNON - My great great great grandparents were Wait and SJ Cannon who died in Moscow, PA in 1868 and 1880 respectively, and are buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Dunmore, PA. I know there is a Cannonsville connection, and your website lists two Waits and one SJ, but the years aren't right for ours. It also lists interested parties, but that was in 1963 or so. We thought we might visit Cannonsville, but in looking at a map, realized that we would need scuba gear to do so now, since the town is a bit damp under the reservoir. I'd like to figure out the link between my Cannons and the folks in Delaware County. Our Wait named one child, my great great grandmother, Antoinette, and one Benjamin (big surprise), and I think, one Charles, and I'm not sure of the fourth. We have 1863 -65 Civil War letters from Ben to sister Antoinette, and some other items. Can anyone help with further information? Bruce Van Deusen - posted 03-2002

CANTWELL - Am searching for my Cantwell relations. Need information on great-grandmother Caroline (Carrie) E. Cantwell who married Charles Ruteshouser. Together they had one son: Edward Lewis Ruteshouser, and one adopted daughter, Virginia. Need info on Carrie's parents and extended family. All info appreciated. Debby Sprechman - posted 09-2004

CAPELS - I am searching for a newspaper clipping, report, and/or death notice for Thomas J. CAPELS, who, according to the death notice pasted below, died September 27, 1926 in Walton, NY. I'm told by my aunt that he was killed while driving a tarvia truck that lost its brakes and went over an embankment. I am hopeful that an article or some other news item reported on the event at the time. There are several possible variations on the spelling of the last name, including CAPPELS, CAPLES, CHAPLES, etc. The following is the death notice that appeared in either the Syracuse Herald Journal or Post-Standard: CAPLES [sic]- At Walton, N.Y., September 27, Thomas J. CAPLES [sic]. He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Loren CAPLES [sic], two sisters, and eight brothers, Mrs. John RIORDAN, Miss Mary A., Edward, Lester, Roger, Loren, Harold, Lawrence and William CAPLES. Funeral at the family home, 1010 Avery avenue. Notice of time later. [Source: Either the Syracuse Herald-Journal or Post-Standard, September 29, 1926 notes in brackets and capitalizations added by VC] Thank you, Valerie Capels - posted 12-2001

CAPORASA - I am trying to locate records for a Nunzio Caporasa who would may have in Cadosia in the the 1910-1920s. He would have been my grandmother's brother. Would welcome any info on this person. John Nigro - posted 05-2020

CAREY - Carey Family from Walton - I am looking for the family of Dorothy Carey from Walton, NY. She had given birth to Twin Boys in 1950 and gave them up for adoption in 1951. The children of the adopted Twin Boys would like some information on the Carey family. All members of the immediate adoption from both sides have now passed away. The children and grandchildren of the twin boys are all that are left. ** The attorney that handled the adoption in 1951 was Francis R Paternoster from Walton, NY. The Case worker Bertha M Ives was addressed as Child Welfare Agent of Delaware County, NY. The Birth date of the twin boys is October 10th 1950 born at the Smith Hospital in Walton, NY. (The boys were told October 6th but papers show the 10th). The adoption was dated June 20, 1951 and signed by Judge Walter L Terry. Both boys had blue eyes and light hair. One was tall and the other short. All the children from both brothers have a distinctive look that come from the fathers. All the kids from both brothers look very much alike. Thank you for any help you can offer!! Please email me with any leads. Terri - posted 08-2012

CARLEY - I am trying to sort out Jonathan Carley and Johnathon Carley. Jonathan was born in Wilton CT. abt 1752, served in the Rev War from Dutchess Co., came to the Susquehanna near Otego abt 1796 and applied for a Rev War pension in 1832 while living at Sidney, NY. A tombstone in the East Sidney, NY Union Cemetery is inscribed 'Johnathon Carley A Soldier of the War of 1812'. Are they one and the same man?, or Father and son? I am looking for any information on these persons. William Carley - posted 08-2003

CARLEY - Seeking information about Jonathan Carley, b. 1757 Wilton, CT., married Jenny Gray. Rev War Vet who lived and is buried in Sydney or environs. Need all dates for Jonathan, Jenny and, names and dates for children. Thanks. Judy Josephson - posted 08-2000

CARMAM - I would like to know where to look for James Carmam and Deborah Howe. Their son Joshua married Priscilla Scutt. Daughter? of Peter Scutt b1791 d1876. I have tried looking in several older publications but alas I lost them around Bovina NY. Mowris Wesley - posted 01-2001

CARMAN - Parents? Children? of Gabriel Carman/Freelove Tuttle, lived Bovina, 1810-1850 era. Silas R. & Joseph A. possible sons. Data on any other Carmans of early Bovina please. Allen LeBaron - posted 01-2001

CARMICHAEL(Mudge> - I am trying to locate a death or cemetery record for Abigail (Rowley) Mudge Carmichael. According to a family genealogy, Abigail married Mica Mudge (1st) and Ichabod Carmichael (2nd). She died in Delaware County, New York in 1811. I have yet to prove her death date. Any help that you may be able to provide will be greatly appreciated. Lindsay Fulton - posted 01-2013

CARNEY - Looking for information regarding the family of Barnabus/Barney Carney who lived in Schoharie County 1800-1830. A second Barnabus Carney appears in the 1850 census in Carlisle aged 44 years. Is there any connection with the Ulster County Carney family? Loretta Dunham - posted 08-98

CARPENTER - My ancestor David Pierce Carpenter 21 July 1787 - 11 Dec 1851 Apparently lived and died in Meridith, Delaware Co., NY. Married Rachel Brownell in Dunnesbury, Schnectady Co., NY. Is there any more family information or relatives that are found there? Mary Graham Ethridge - posted 04-2002

CARPENTER - Seeking to share information re CARPENTER family of Delaware Co. Mark Barnes - posted 05-99

CARPENTER - Harmon CARPENTER was born in CT in 1780. He married Phebe Crisman in Delhi, Delaware Co., NY in 1805/1806. Their first child, David Daniel Carpenter born there in 1807. Family moved to Rome, Oneida, NY in 1810/1811. Seeking information for parentage, siblings of Harmon & Phebe. Dawina Holst - posted 01-2005

CARPENTER - Samuel Carpenter 񢆇-1861) married Roxana LOWDEN 񢆇-1877) in Delaware county abt 1820-21. Roxana was daughter of John Lowden who moved to Delaware county from Berkshire county, Massachusetts in 1809-10. Interested in any Carpenters in county 1800-1820 as I am trying to find Samuel's family. Any Lowden/Louden/Lawden/etc. connection of interest too. Nathan Carpenter - posted 07-97

CARR - I am looking for information on Homer Carr, born Feb 1840, probably in England. His father was Steven Carr whose father was Samuel Carr. Homer married Louisa A. Downs on Jan 18, 1873. Their children were Willis D., Earnist I., Sylvester Scott, Walter Steven, and Leslie. Homer had a farm on Rood's Creek, Delaware County. He may have lived in another county in NY first and may have been married twice. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Alice Carr - posted 04-2015

CARR - Looking for information on Joel and Susanna Carr who settled in Meredith, Delaware Co in the early 1800's. Daughter Anna married Elijah Hill. Joanie Keener - posted 04-99

CARR - Looking for info or connections to Homer Carr & Sylvester Carr. Homer was probably born mid-1800s. Was married twice (don't know wives or all children). Had a son named Sylvester Scott Carr, born 1878 in Hancock, died 1939 Deposit. Married Cora Belle Burrows of Deposit in 1899. Thanks. Aline Carr - posted 04-2015

CARRINGTON - My grandmother's parents were listed on her death certificate as Losie Carrington and Kitty Gaylord. My grandparents were married in Sidney, NY, August 13, 1912-13, Would like info on parents. Rita Stith - posted 06-2001

CARROLL - I recently found a grave in the woods in Arena NY. The grave is of James A. Carroll who was born Abt. 1777 and died Aug. 10, 1837. Seeking any info on James and whom he may be related to. Any help appreciated. Roger D. Davis - posted 02-2015

CARROLL - Looking for members of the Carroll family from Deposit. Father, Martin died August 1985. buried in Hambletville cemetery. Mother, Barbara. deceased, . children Robert, Kathleen, Martin, Erin and Colleen. They lived on Route 8, Deposit. Children would be in their forties. contact cousin, Eileen (Sullivan) Scully 610 346 6994. Eileen Scully - posted 06-2001

CARROLL- Looking for information on three Carroll brothers, Walter (married Henrietta Jones), Obed (married Clarissa), and Charles. Lived in Walton.Shellie Rose Carroll - posted 04-2005

CARROLL - I am trying to find the parents of Hannah CARROLL Howard (1828-1915) who married my gggrandfather, Henry Keagle Howard, in 1853. Here is what we know: She had a sister named Catherine who married someone named Weaver and resided in Mansfield, PA in 1915. She had a brother named John who resided in Salladasburg, PA in 1915. (these siblings are mentioned in Hannah's obit.) Here is what we suspect: We think that Hannah may be a daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth REYNOLDS Carroll who resided in Sidney, Delaware Co. in 1836. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Robert Howard - posted 10-2004

CARROLL - Looking for information on Cynthia Carroll, died abt 1894. She was married to James Hasbrouck b.7/22/1857. Their children were Susan E., Argyle Frederick b. 1/21/1883, Lena Ellen b. 3/10/1886, Annis May 3/4/1889. She died when Lena was 9 years old. The children were split up and Lena lived with the Segrim family. The mother was Sophia Hoffman Segrim who my grandmother, Sophia Segrim Van Benschoten b.8/11/1908, is named after. Stephen R. McNeill, Ph.D. - posted 10-98

CARROLL - My Grand mothers name was Virginia Teal Carroll (DAVIS married name) she always said the Carroll Cemetery was her familys cemetery. I have not been able to match the Carrolls burried there with my Carroll fmaily. Her father was Ernest S. Carroll b. 5-16-1859 d. 1-8-1931 Married Henrietta Adela Jones. Ernest's father was Walter Carroll mother Hannah Mara Hendrickson. Any information would help Thank You. Stephen Booth - posted 01-99

CARROLL - Looking for any information about the Ernest S. Carroll family, lived in Walton, N.Y. Ermest born 5-16-1859 was a fireman on the railroad, died 1-8-1931. Married to Henrietta A. Jones. Both are burred in Walton Cemetary. Father Walter Carroll, mother Hannah M. Hendrickson. Unknown about any brothers or sisters. Stephen Booth - posted 11-98

CARROLL - I am looking for information on Samuel Carroll who was born in Delaware county in approx 1803. He married Elizabeth Reynolds from Delaware county. In census records Carroll has been seen being spelt Caroll & Caroll. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Michelle - posted 10-98

CARROLL - Rebecca, married Parker CROSBY probably around 1806 or 1807 in Delaware County. Seeking any birth, marriage, death dates and parentage or children. Don Risen in Modesto, CA - posted 08-2004

CARROLL - Looking for any information on Mandana Carroll, who married William FINCH in Jan. 1838. The Finch family all lived in or around Masonville, m. BUTTS & COLE, extensively. Charles Cooper - posted 11-97

CARTRIGHT - I am trying to locate the parents/family of my gg-grandmother. All I know is that her name was Emaline Cartright and she was born in Delaware County, NY, on 18 Jun 1831. In 1850 she married Aaron Flyte of Pennslyvania. From that time forward I have her information but I would sure love to know who her family was. I would be very appreciative of any help! Barb Paquette - posted 11-2014

CARUSO - Looking for info in Delaware County on the Caruso family. [email protected] - posted 03-2003

CASE - Searching for information on Mina Case, daughter of Buel Case and Abigail Waters, Walton. May have married John Brisack, Delaware County, 1830's to 1840's. Any information helpful. Kitti Michalowicz - posted 07-2010

CASE Need information distinguishing the 4 Roger Cases I found in material on the Delaware County site: Roger of Franklin, Roger, Jr., Roger of Walton, and Roger II. Also searching for information on Dudley and Russel(l) Case (listed as sons of Roger of Franklin). Any and all information will be much appreciated. Thank you for sharing the information in your excellent site. - posted 08-2001

CASE - In researching Roger Case, born 8/15/1746 in Hebron, Tolland Co, CT - married Molly Owen I found references to him arriving in Franklin, Delaware Co., NY . In the Delaware County historical material and census lists I have found 4 Roger Cases: Roger of Franklin, Roger of Walton, Roger, Jr., and Roger II. I would like to know the relationship between these 4 men and, if possible, birth dates and family information. Please refer me to anyone who might be able to assist me. Helen Lorenz - posted 07-2001

CASE I am interested in information on the Case family. My ancestor is Clarissa (Case) Beers born November 1, 1810 and died January 1841. She married Neil Beers on October 10, 1828. Her parents were: Buell or Dan Revell Case and Abigail Watters Case. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Beth Rupert - posted 07-2001

CASE - Looking for parents/siblings of James L. Case of Cannonsville. James died in 1863 and was buried in Cannonsville, later moved to Pepacton when the resevoire was put in. James married Betsy Preston and they had nine children. Some of the names are: Phinis, Emily, Daniel, Frederick, Mary, and Charley. I'm wondering if Phinehas Case who died in 1826 and buried in Cannonsville might be the father of James. Kathy Parke - posted 12-2009

CASEY - I am looking for any information/records on James A Casey/ Alice Casey . They lived in Sidney, Delaware Co. NY in the 1880s . Anything would be helpful. Thank you. Colleen Haley - posted 09-2011

CASEY - Marriage of Alice Vaughan and Benjamin Casey 1816 or 1818 Hancock, Delaware, New York. [email protected] 09-2001

CASTERLIN - My father, Bruce Casterlin, was born in Walton, NY, 1923. I am looking for any information about the CASTERLIN family: His father: Alex Casterlin, Mother: Maud Lewis Casterlin, younger siblings would be Neride, Lynn, Barry. Thank you for any information you can give me. They have all passed away. My father died January 14, 1987. Sue Anne (Casterlin) Hayes - posted 11-2007

CASWELL - Data Found: The Old School Baptist Church Cemetery has Richard Caswell, d. June 27, 1858 at 29 years 5 months (DOB = Abt 1829): Salina Ann Caswell, wife of Richard C., d May 25, 1879 52 yrs (DOB = Abt 1827). The 1855 Census of Roxbury #101 Caswell, Richard 36 yr(DOB = 1819), Salina Caswell, 28 yrs (DOB = Abt 1827), Martin 22 yrs. (?brother) Marjary 14 yrs, Ambinel 3 yrs. Amsey J. 1 yr.
Assumptions, Comments and Questions:
1 Please help me understand how in the Cemetery records noted above that Richard died at 29 years, and yet in the Census of 1855 he was alive at 36 yrs. of age with a wife, Salina and several children. Are these two references to the same Richard Caswell or different ones? Is there any other way to confirm either set of data?
2 According to my research Salina Ann Shout married first Richard Caswell. I do not have specific dates for their marriage, or births of the Richard-Salina Caswell children. I can estimate the birth years by simple math from the 1855 census. Are you in contact with any of the Salina-Richard Caswell descendants who may be able to provide data? Any assistance with this would be appreciated.
Salina's second marriage was to James Allen from Lake Allen, Ireland. Salina and James Allen had four children. Charles (or Charlie), Minnie (or Miney), Sarah and Elizabeth. I am making the assumption that Salina was a widow who remarried. Can you confirm this?
In my family research I have confirmed that Minney Allen, daughter of Salina and James Allen, b in NY married a Fred or Frederick Wagner (my gg-grandfather on my husband's side) and lived in Scranton, PA. Do you have any records of this second marriage and or births of their children? Bonnie Wagner - posted 05-2009

CEASE - Looking for Stephen CEASE, b. 1825 in Delaware County, NY. I'd like to correspond with all CEASE descendants of any surname. Barbara Peck - posted 08-2000

CEASE - I am seeking any information on a John CEASE or SEASE that lived in Delaware County in the census years of 1810, 1820, and 1840. I am trying to connect him as my 5GG. Any info will be appreciated! Kathy Cardoza - posted 05-99

CHACE - I am looking for the parents of Walter Chace, a prominent citizen of Hamden in the 1820s, and want to know his relationship to Edward B. Chace, a young inn-keeper in Hamden in the mid 1820s . George A. Thompson - posted 09-2010

CHACE/CHASE - I am seeking any information on Experience (White) Chace, born August 8th 1771 in Massachusetts and died in Delaware County June 1830 (possibly Delhi or Hamden). Would like to know where she is buried and maybe find out who her parents were. Her husband Philip Chace 1768 - 1848 is buried near me in The South Riply Cemetery, Ripley NY. Ron Kinney - posted 03-2010

CHACE - Interested in any information about Maria Chace b. 1803 d.1844 in Delhi. She married Henry Leal and had 7 children. John, Mary, Augusta, George, Helen, Elizabeth and Cora. Any information on who her parents were and where she was born would be helpful. Leal Brinegar - posted 04-97

CHAMBERLAIN - I have a query regarding my relative George Chamberlain who was born 1822 and died 1893. He was born in Tomkins, Delaware County and died in Addy, Washington state. He married Mercy Hood, born 1834, Hancock. I am having trouble determining when and where they married and more importantly, who George's parents were. I have the Hood side already. Cheryl Chamberlain - posted 09-2010

CHAMBERLAIN - Looking for information about Calvin Chamberlain/lin and his son Elisha Chamberlain/lin b. in Cannonsville 20 Oct 1808. I am trying to determine whether or not this Elisha could be my ancestor Elisha Chamberlain/lin. Marge Dulin - posted 06-97

CHAMBERLIN - Looking in Delaware County for Eliphalet Chamberlin thought to be born in 1786 or 1887 in Sheffield, Conn.. Got married in 1816 or 1817 in Unadilla,N.Y. and to a Betsey Elizabeth Quimby and had the following children Edward S. born in 1818 ,( Almira , Sally, and Albert, all of which died in 1879., also born to Eliphalet and Betsey were Polly born in 1825 and Joshua born 1828. John Chamberlin - posted 03-2006

CHAMBERLIN - Seeking info re William Chauncey CHAMBERLIN b. Feb 1805 Trout Creek. Parents may be Joseph and Eunice married Sarah Mysick(sp) may have younger brothers Lewis and Joseph. Mike Chamberlin - posted 06-2004

CHAMBERLIN - I have the Complete Genealogy of the Three Chamberlin Brothers (Joseph,Calvin, and Eliphlet) that moved to Cannonsville in the late 1700s. Back to England in the 1500s and forward to my son Lucas 13th in the Line of Chamberlins in the new World. I have found that most of the Chamberlins that lived in this area can be linked. Anyone who would like more info on this family, please feel free to email me. Gary Chamberlin - posted 09-2000

CHAMBERLIN - Looking for any information on the Chamberlin family. Asahel, Daniel, Charles. Any help will be greatly appreciated. [email protected] - posted 05-2000

CHAMBERLIN - Looking for parents of Benjamin Chamberlin, dob 25 Apr.1802 d 18 Aug 1845. Benjamin Married Rhoda Griggs, dob 06 Oct 1802 d 12 May 1876. Births were in Schoharie Co. Deaths in Delaware Co. Would like to have info on desc of the followong children: Stephen dob 1822, Maria dob 1825 - married Daniel Whipple, James dob 1830, Elizabeth dob 1834, Benj W. dob 1836, Adaline dob 1838, William A. dob 1840. Is this the man buried in the old Baptist Church Cem. Roxbury? [email protected] - posted 01-99

CHAMBERLIN - Researching: Parents of Sidney Chamberlin 񢆨-1883) d in Roxbury. Owner of mill at Kelly's Corners (Chamberlin&Davis) Parents names: Benjamin C (d1845) Rhoda Griggs (d1876). Need marriage records, poss will, land records. [email protected] - posted 12-98

CHAMBERS - I am the historian for the Town of Morris and have received a request for information regarding Martha A. Chambers, wife of Howard Chambers, b. 4 November 1925, d.6 February 1986. I have learned that she was buried in the Charlotte Valley Cemetery, but have been unable to locate an obituary or notice of death for her. Any assistance that anyone can provide would be most appreciated. Donna Foote - posted 06-2021

CHAMBERS - I am trying to break down a brick wall ancestor John Chambers, born about 1750 place unknown. He served in the Rev. war in Malcom's regiment which was formed from militia units in southern New York. On his muster roll records, it appears that he said he was from Hale, NY. So I have a couple of questions: First, the only "Hale" I can find is Hale's Eddy in Delaware County could this be the "Hale". Next, did men from Delaware county serve in Malcom's regiment? Carol Church - posted 12-2007 Carol Church

CHAMBERS - Looking for any information or descendants of John Chambers of Hamden. Purchased the home he built in 1903, and was looking for some history. Walter Velechko - posted 06-2007

CHAMBERS - I am looking for information on the parents of David Chambers who married Mary Ann Middlemist. David was born in 1851. If you have any information on this family please e-mail me. G. Hammon - posted 03-99

CHAMPION - I am researching the history of a Delaware County, N.Y. man who made history during the Civil War in Falls Church, Va., just outside Washington, D.C. I'm researching Simon Bolivar (S.B.) Champion, editor during the war of the Bloomville Mirror. During the war he joined the 144th New York Infantry Regiment and was posted to Camp Bliss, Upton's Hill, Falls Church, where he established our area's first newspaper -- The Soldier Boy. We are hoping to find photographs and writings of Champion, or issues of The Soldier Boy. Bradley Gernand - posted 07-2001

CHAMPLIN - have info to share - John McIntyre - posted 01-97

CHANTLER - Funeral records or Obituaries of BESSIE CHANTLER, died March 1979 and HAROLD CHANTLER,died June 1976 both of Sidney. Arnold E. Vernoy - posted 03-2002

CHAPMAN - Ancestry.com Family Tree indicates subject man was born in Delaware County in 1807. I am looking for his father. Any evidence for birth? Uriah Chapman - posted 12-2006

CHARLES - Any information anyone may have regarding Charles Family..My Father was Reginald . Grand Father Reno that worked for Ford Motors in Hancock NY Grandmother Ethel Knapp Charles. need anything back history. John Charles migrated from Ireland know of 2 sons. Alex & James. Alex lived in Walton at time of Jame's death. James Charles lived in Philadelphia, PA moved to Readburn in 1881. Married Anna Felter in 1884 from Montiello, NY. Laurie Charles Ellis - posted 11-2006

CHASE - Still looking for John Chase b. abt 1858. He lived in Sideny with wife Martha and had children George b. 1801, Jenny b. 1893 and Cora b. 1896. I would also like any information on these children and his wife. Pat - posted 03-2005

CHASE - I'm looking for John Chase b abt 1872. He married Emma Letson but she is buried with her second husband in Sidney. Any help on John Chase would be appreciated. Pat Mangels - posted 07-2002

CHASE - Hiram B. Chase (1805-1875) married Sarah Ann Goodrich. Had at least 3 children, Mary Eliza, Emmett, Stephen. Can find nothing on Hiram's family, may have lived in Walton or Masonville. Any help appreciated. Pamela House - posted 06-2002

CHENEY - I am searching for further info on the Cheney Family. They lived in Masonville, came from Franklin, NY, also Conn. & Mass. Any info on this name is greatly appreciated. I have info to share. Dawn Willis - posted 03-98

CHIDSEY - Looking for any information on Rhoda Chidsey, mother(?) of William Seymour, Jr. 񢅹-1827) of Cannonsville, Delaware Co., NY. She was born in East Haven, CT 1764 and d. in Del. Co.(?), NY 1820. It is believed that William, Jr.'s father was William Seymour 񢅞-1811) of Newburgh, Orange Co., NY who was born in CT. Specifically looking for evidence of Rhoda Chidsey's death in Delaware Co., NY 26 Mar. 1820. Donald Seymour - posted 04-97

CHILSON - I am interested in a John Chilson who was in Kortright as early as May 1799. He and his wife, Rebecca Butts lived in Pawling, Dutchess County NY before moving to Kortright. He appears in the 1800 census of Kortright as John Gilston. Several places away in the census appears William Butts who I am assuming was Rebecca's brother. Two other of her brothers were Major Jeremiah Butts and Captain Abraham Butts (both active in the War of 1812). I have family records that the John Chilson family moved to Ontario Canada from Kortright in 1806. He and his two sons, Moses and William Chilson were spies for the Americans in the War of 1812 and I have seen records in Canada that they were in Ontario prisons because of that. But John was acquitted after the war in 1815 and the Canadians indicated that he returned to the States. That is where I lost them. I do have a Moses Chilson who was in Indiana in 1828 and on to Illinois in 1830 who I think is the son of John Chilson. Records indicated that they may have lived in Ohio before Indiana. I was wondering if there might be deeds or other evidences in the Kortright records of their living in Kortright in 1799-1800. They were Baptists as was Major Jeremiah Butts and his family. Larry Nelson - posted 06-2016

CHILSON - Looking for a John Chilson family that lived in Delaware Cnty, NY. Had daughter Lydia Butts Chilson, b. May 2, 1799, m. Silas Lewis in Fort Meigs, OH in 1813. Presume John would have been around 1760-forward? Alvin, Omaha, NE - posted 11-2012

CHILSON - Looking for Lydia Chilson born in Delaware County, NY in 1799. She married Silas Lewis, who was born In Onodaga County in 1792. Would like to know her parents names and her husband's parents names. Thank you for any information you can help me with. He also served in the War of 1812 under General's Harrison and Hull. D. Weilage - posted 11-98

CHISHOLM - Kenneth Chisholm, his wife and son William emigrated in 1785 from Fasnakyle, Scotland, and settled in South Kortright, Delaware County, NY. William Chisholm was born in Scotland in 1764 and married (in NY) Frances Oswell Grant, who was born in Scotland in 1777. In 1819 William and his family left NY and moved to Port Stanley, Ontario, where most of them died under mysterious circumstances over a seven-year period. The known children of William and Frances are: Archibald (1795-1830), Mary (1797-?), Alexander (1799-1828), William (1803-1832), Ann (1804-1833), Frances (1807-1832), Robert (1812-1891), Louis (?-1833), and Kenneth (?-?). All of the children except Mary and Kenneth are known to have moved to Canada with their parents. Kenneth may have died young, and Mary is believed to have been the Mary Chisholm who married William Cowan in 1817 and remained in NY. (They were my ggg-grandparents.) There is also an Andrew Chisholm who was born in 1801 and appears in Delaware County records, but he does not appear in any records associated with this family. Ason named George has also been mentioned, but he has also never been found in any family records. Questions: Does anyone have additional information about this family, especially during the time that they were in NY? Who was Frances Oswell Grant? There were at least three different Grant families living in Delaware County at the time. Who was Andrew Chisholm? Does anyone know anything about William and Mary Cowan, and whether Mary was in fact the daughter of William Chisholm? Stanley W. Cowan - posted 03-2001

CHRISMAN - Nancy CHRISMAN was born about 1775, probably in the Mohawk Valley. She married Henry (Heinrich) WEAVER. They lived at Deposit, Delaware Co., NY ca. 1800 - 1840. Known children were Peter, Nancy and Henry, Jr. I am searching for the ancestry of Nancy CHRISMAN. Gordon Challeen - posted 09-99

CHRISTENSEN - Searching for any information on Rose J. Christensen, wife of Lief Christensen. DOB 5/30/1910 DOD 3/7/1977 Last reported Address Downsville, NY. Respond to Raymond Leger - posted 05-2002

CHRISTIAN, Mercy - born about 1832 with maiden name Betts. She was married to a George Clauncy Jester and then married Avery Christian about 1877. Trying to find her date of death (after 1900) and burial location. Also, was Minnie (born 1869) her daughter? I believe she might have had another daughter named Minnie born earlier than 1869. Charles White - posted 02-2006

CHRISTIAN - Looking in Delaware County for information on the family of Homer Christian, b. 1864, married Rose ( Brazee) b.1871, they had two children.. Lena Christian b. 1892, and Mabel Christian b. 1895. Anyone with any information please send to: Val Nagel - posted 08-2007

CHRISTIAN - Charles J.- born NY 2 Apr 1829.Died 21 Apr 1893 Bradford Cty.,Pa. Father born in Germany-mother in Ct. Looking for parents,siblings. Married Lucretia A.Bennett.. Robin Scudder - posted 03-2004

CHRISTIAN - lineage of Richard Christian, b. 1724/25 Isle of Man, m. Christine ___ have my line through Paul Preston PITCHER and Ida Ann CHRISTIAN. Willing to share in return for more line into this one! Kim Hovey - posted 09-2003

CHRISTIAN- Ida - b. 8 Jun 1860 Hancock, Delaware, NY. Daughter of Henry A. Christian and mother Mary Ann Buchannan. Married Paul Preston PITCHER 2 Jul 1879, location unknown. Paul was born 2 Nov 1856 in Starlight, Wayne, PA. Seeking ANY AND ALL info on this Christian family. Have Pitcher info in PA & NY to share if wanted. Kim Hovey - posted 09-2003

CHRISTIAN - Henry CHRISTIAN d. 19 June 1905 at Little Pond ae 78. He was married twice and had children with each wife. His first wife is unknown to me and I've not been able to find him in 1850 census. By 1855 he is married to PATIENCE JOSLYN and has several more children with her. Her parents are Melomy Joycelyn and Sarah Jenkins according to death records. (I have her as daughter of Horatio Joslyn and Sarah Jenkins.) She died 22 August 1891 ae 65. Who are Henry Christian's parents? The 1865 census indicates his birthplace as Dutchess Co. and the 1855 is blank for that information. His death record gave no information about either his father or his mother. I'd like some help finding his ancestry, please. Sally Chirlin - posted 06-2003

CHRISTIAN - I'm looking for Henry Christian's parents. He was b. 31 March 1827 in Dutchess Co. acc. to 1865 census, married (1) ?? had children Alice, James, Orton married (2) Patience Josslyn b. 1826 Sullivan Co. had children Samuel, Charles, George (died young), David, Mary, Sarah, and Phebe, perhaps others but these are in census records in Colchester, Delaware Co. 1855, 1860 and 1865. In 1880 census the famiily is in Andes with son David and dau. Phebe. Henry's father MAY have been Wesley Christian. I would like dates of death and burial place for Henry and Patience Christian. Sally Chirlin - posted 03-2003

CHRISTLER - (Chrysler, Kreussler) Margaret b Delaware County 30 Dec 1799, m ca. 1815 Elihu CORNELL. Seek parents of both. Phyllis Dingeman - posted 03-98

CHURCH - Wish to exchange information with anyone researching the family of Silas Church, Jr. & Betsey West Church. Resided Croton/Treadwell/West Meredith/Franklin areas 1860-1887, after leaving Otselic, Chenango Co. The 1883 death certificate for Betsey (from another, now deceased, researcher is headed "The State of New Your/County of Delaware/In the Town of Franklin". Would this be a state of town certificate? The place of death and burial is Croton. Does anyone know the names/locations of cemeteries there? Silas died 15 Oct 1887, possibly in West Meredith. I have not obtained a death certificate for him. Should I try the state for his certificate before trying locally? If locally, to whom should the inquiry be made? Appreciate any assistance, thanks for your time and interest. Donna Grothaus - posted 01-99

CHURCH - I need any information on other Churches that might be buried in Treadwell Cemetery. There may be one married to Madison Stilson. Is there a church in the area that may have records of deaths, or newspapers back in the 1880's? The census of 1870 and 1880 probably will show any children. Our records indicate a Cora Smith as daughter to Clinton Smith.These seem to be the lost strains of the Church family that our branches had little information on. Diane Titus - posted 10-98

CLARK - Looking for parents of William Frank Clark, married to Eva, b. March 1858 age 42 in the 1900 census for Stamford, Delaware, NY. Also would like maiden name of Eva and her parents. Wife Eva b. April 1864 married 18 yrs., age 36, mother of 12 children, 7 living: Son Henry b. Feb. 1882 age 18 single Son William b. Nov. 1886-7, age 13 single (November 1887 according to WWI registration document) Son Georgia b. Apr. 1892, age 8 single Dau. Katie b. Sep 1893, age 6 single Dau. Ida b. Aug. 1895 age 5 single Son Burton b. Jul. 1898 age 2 single Dau. Mable b. Apr. 1899 age 1 single. Sally Chirlin - posted 06-2005

CLARK - Still looking for parents of Ray Clark born in Walton in 1884 died 1957, buried East Edmonston, Ny. Ray Married Nellie Jenny Cleaver in 1908 in Trout Creek, Ny they had 2 children: Amasa Ray Clark 1920-1999, and Wahneta Clark -Living. Thanks. Susan Clark - posted 09-2003

CLARK - Margaret Clark m. Charles Harkness ca 1830. They had Mary Lowrey Harkness and Jane Kineer Harkness. Charles died (intestate) 10 Apr 1833. What happened to Margaret and the girls? John Hutchins - posted 06-2002

CLARK - Looking for information on the ancestors of LaMancha Clark, son of Almon Clark And Sarah Phincle. He was born on 22 December 1877 in Jefferson. Became a dentist with his office and residence in Stamford. He married Florence Lillian Lee on 08 March 1899. Janet Berish - posted 01-2002

CLARK - I am seeking information on Ray Clark, born in Walton, Deleware county in 1884 or 1886. I am especially wanting to know his parents names. Family has told us that his mothers name was Carrie White or Wright, and he was raised by an uncle, last name Clark, and took his name. I am not sure this is accurate. Ray is found in 1905 census age 19 yrs, with his grandmother who is listed as Mary White, and they lived on Franklin Depot Road. . I also found Ray in 1915 census, with his wife Nellie Jenny Cleaver. We have lotsa of info on her. Ray died in 1957 in town of Pittsfield, NY, we have his death certificate, and social security number, but when we checked with social security, they said records were too old, and all they had was a birthdate of september 15th. Most of the clarks stayed in Walton area, Nellie Jenny is buried in town of Walton cemetery. Great Aunt still lives in Sidney center. Please help, I have been looking for this man Ray Clark for many years, even have a photo of him, just, can find nothing else to add to the family tree, and go back another generation. Thanks Susan Clark ( Wife of Amasa Clark who is Ray's grandson). Susan Clark - posted 06-2002

CLARK - Looking for info on David J. Clark and his wife Deborah Monroe. He was born in Delaware County in Dec 1798. They had two sons, Amos Montgomery and Homer A.--Amos was married in Utica NY to a Mary Elizabeth Gray and Homer was married in Dutchess County NY to Maryann Jacob. David, Amos, and Homer died and were buried in Hopkinton, RI where Homer and Amos had many of their children. What happened to Deborah and who were David's parents? Thanks--this is my husband's family--Homer was his great-grandfather. Sheila Peckham - posted 03-2001

CLARK - I am trying to get information about my mom's family. Her grandfather's name was Lester R. Clark, married to Cora Potter. They are both buried in the Walton Cemetary, I don't think they were originally from Walton though. My grandpa Clark - Ivan, was born in Laurens in 1903. He also had a brother - Harry (married to Laverna Logan) and a sister - Ruth (married to Andrew Monroe). I gathered that information from the section for applied marriage licenses. I hope it's correct. Ivan and Frances are also buried next to Lester and Cora in the cemetary. I have not been able to find anything on the Otsego county website. Mary Morgan - posted 04-2000

CLARK - We are searching Thomas Lowry Clark born 2/15/1807 and died 11/20/1883 and is buried in Gilchrist Cemetery. Our problem is we cannot find a death certificate. We contact the Town Clerk in Kortright and she stated the records burned in a fire, so we contacted Albany and they could not find any record of him. We would like to find out who his parents were. Any suggestions to continue our search? Norma Clark - posted 11-2007

CLARK - Seeking information concerning the family and parents of David Clark and wife Deborah. Their son Amos Montgomery Clark was born about 1845 in Delhi. David was born about 1800 in Delaware County. Helen Beazer - posted 03-99

CLEVELAND - Seeking information about Curtis Cleveland, Kortright area. Curtis is a Revolutionary Veteran, originally from Ct. according to the DAR records. He was married to Elizabeth Lord. Curtis was born in Ct 5 July, 1734 and died in 1795. I am trying to located his burial location He is my 4 GGGG Grandfather. they had 6 children. Abigail, Elizabeth, Chester, Samuel, Tamasin, And Curtis. Chester also served in the Revolutionary War Veteran and is Buried in W. Webster Cemetery, Webster, Monroe County, NY. His service has been confirmed by the DAR also. I have visited his burial site. Clinton Cleveland - posted 04-2008

CLEVELAND - I'm researching the Forman family of Delaware County. Abigail Cleveland married James Furman and I would like to find out the children in that family. James' last name may also be listed as Forman or Foreman. There were four Abigail Cleveland's in Delaware County - all related (three would have been named after the first Abigail Cleveland). Pat Watts - posted 07-2004

CLOSE - I am seeking info on Jeremiah and Frelove Close whose son Richard Dent Close was born in Delaware County May 6, 1840 the 4th child at that time. They had moved to Wisconsin by 1842. I would be happy to exchange Wisconsin info for info in Delaware County NY. Lu Doering - posted 06-99

CLOSE - Seeking information on Eli CLOSE, who lived in Bovina Twp, Delaware County in 1830 & 1840. He had a child who was the right age for my great grandfather, Montgomery Close, b. 1827 NY. I would appreciate having any further information on this family to determine if this is the match for my Montgomery Close. Karen Close Goodman - posted 03-99

CLUFF - I would like to know if anyone has information on the Cluff family that lived in the Delaware/Otsego/Chenango County area in the early 1800's. Joseph Cluff married Betsey Elwell on Jan. 27, 1818. Their first child, Lydia Maria, was baptized in Franklin on Nov. 23, 1818. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Bob Moltzen - posted 03-2008

CLUM - Looking for information on the parents of Sarah Maria Clum. She was born in Halcottsville in 1823. Thank you. Jayne Anne Harris - posted 02-2021

CLUM- Looking for any information regarding Carlton Henry Clum, born in Grand Gorge around 1918. He was the son of a Claude Clum. Died in Albany, New York area around 1958. You can contact me at [email protected] - posted 08-2003

CLUM/KLUM - William, George, Philip - May have migrated from Vermont/Duchess Co., NY. Many thanks. Pat Hart Klum - posted 04-2005

COAN - Charles Coan. Town Clerk of Kortright. Deceased in 1953 in hospital in Delhi. Lived in Bloomville. Chuck Miller - posted 11-2003

COAN - I'd like to find out more about the Coan family in Delaware County. Emmett Coan born in Bloomville? 8-10-1850. Married Addie Boyd (Ada). They had 2 children that I know of. Charles born in 1892 and Mabel. Charles married Julia Grant. All of them are buried in Bloomville, Riverside Cemetary. Ruth Willson - posted 07-97

COBBE - John Millard, father. A son born between 1926 and 1930. Possible name of mother: Rose Gray. Marge - posted 11-2001

COE - Looking for the family of Jacob G. Coe, he was born in Delaware County in 1828 and went to Oregon in 1841-42. Kim Coe - posted 11-2010

COHOON - Looking for info on Andrew Cohoon b: ABT 1774 spouse was Hannah b: ABT 1777. They lived in Delaware county. Hannah died November 27, 1863 and is buried in Greene NY Their son was Luman Cohoon b: 1801 d: July 15, 1880 in Greene, NY spouse Mary Elizabeth Scott b: 1804 in Connecticut d: August 05, 1897 in Greene,NY Ray Westbrook - posted 10-99

COLE - I am looking for any information about an ancestor of my late mother in law. Her great grandparents may have been buried in a cemetery in Delaware County. The only information I have is follows: Her gr grandfather was named Jacob Cole. He was born around 1790 and died between 1870 and 1880. Her gr grandfather was named Lydia Gifford born around 1805 and died after 1880. I also recall a Samuel D Cole. She referred to him as an uncle. Any help or insight where I may look would be greatly appreciated. Viola M Canfield - posted 01-2020

COLE- I am trying to find information on William C. Cole, born 1860 I believe in Franklin or Oneonta, N.Y. Any help would be appreciated. Mary M. Palmer - posted 01-2014

COLE - I'm looking for parents of Cornelius Cole born about 1801 NY. I found a Cornelius Cole that had purchased land about 1806 in Colchester, Delaware county. Cold this possible be my Cornelius parent? G.V.Cole - posted 12-2004

COLE - Seek information on John Cole (1782-?) and Sara Ball who had children: William (m Sara Crippen), Paulina (1801-abt 1839) (m Daniel Cook), Phebe (1811-1831) (m John Francisco), Moses, Sara (m Henry Gradimer), Barbara (m Hendricks) and Linda (m Davis). Believe this is the Mr. Cole to whom John Cook sold his Pepacton land in Delaware Co. after the Revolutionary War. Pat Francisco - posted 07-2014

COLE - Jacob - Looking for information on Jacob Cole and about his family history. Jacob is listed in the 1850 census for Hancock, NY. He was married to Lydia Gifford. My 2nd g grandfather, W. Wallace Cole, was born to them in March 1851. Judy Morganti - posted 11-2000

COLE - I am searching for the parents of Rachel Cole b. 1797. She married George Finlay 10-Sept. 1814 at Kortright, Deleware Co. NY Rachel had brother named James. Rachel died 1882 in Calhoun Co. MI. [email protected] - posted 11-99

COLE - I am trying to find out if there was a set of twins born in Margertsville in the 1800's, family name might have been Cole, One would have become a nun. Merrie-Anne Santore - posted 10-99

COLE - I am seeking information on Nathan Cole of Cochester, born about 1815 and married to Catherine. Among his children were Jane Marie (married to George H. Turk) b. 1842, James E. (married Eliza J., was in 144th NYSV), b. 1844, Anna b. 1846, Henry b. 1849, Abigail b. 1853 and Laurany? b. 1859. Both James and Jane are buried in the Quick/Paine Cemetery in Brooktondale (Caroline) NY in Tompkins County. Ray Fuller - posted 03-99

COLE - The Family of Thomas and Jerusha Cole is my search. They came from Connecticut, lived in Griffins Corners had these Children: John Cole who married Agnes Carr Solomon Cole who married Emeline (Gray) Cole Betsy who married George Osterhudt Mary who married Ephraim Isham Emeline who married John Robinson(?), This family lived in the Town of Middletown Griffins Corners most of their lives. I am a great great grand daughter to John and Agnes. I am missing two of Thomas and Jerusha's children. I think one may have been William Henry Cole who married Lydia Euline(?) Oct.1, 1864/9. Any information on this family would be welcomed. Vesti Snyder - posted 10-2001

COLE - Looking for info on parents of Jesse Cole. Jesse was b. 11 Feb 1847, Morris, NY, d. 1926, Norwich, NY, bur. Ouleout Cemetery, Franklin, NY. He m. Methana BURDICK, about 1875. She was b. AUG 1861, where?, d. 1907, where?, bur. Ouleout Cemetery, Franklin, NY. Jesse's father is William Cole. Would like to know William's wife's name and if they had any other children besides Jesse. Sandra Tremain - posted 03-97

COLLINS - My sister was buried in a cemetary in or near Greenville, Delaware in 1955. I just learned this yesterday. Her name was Julianna Collins, and my name is Kristina Collins MacGaffin. Any assistance you can give me would be of great heal in finding her grave site. Kristina C. MacGaffin - posted 07-2005

COLVIN - Searching for any information on the COLVIN families living in the town of Deposit & Masonville, Delaware county, NY in the 1840 - 1880's. Dave Stott - posted 04-99

COLWELL - Seeking parents and siblings of Charles H. COLWELL, b. 31 May 1824 in Kortright, Delaware Co., NY. He moved to Athens, PA by 1850 and married Hannah Louise HOWARD. They moved to Camanche, IA in 1854 and then to Salem, OR in 1875 where he died 23 March 1884. Matthew Porter - posted 12-99

COMBS - Looking for burial location and any other information on Orpah and Willard Combs who died 1882 from Colchester. Christina Button - posted 10-2007

COMMERTY - Looking for information on Mrs. Frank Commerty residing in Arkville around the 1920's + or -. She was a daughter of James O'CONNOR and Mary COSGRIFF who lived in Hudson City, NY. Would like to know her name, birth and death dates, burial place and names of any children born to her. Helen O'Connor - posted 09-2002

COMMINEAUX or COMMINO - I am looking for information on the Commineaux or Commaneaux or Commino or Comino Family. Specific names: Pierre and Pierette Commaneaux – arrived from France ca. 1858 and settled in the French Woods, Hancock, or Walton NY. Also their son Jean (John) Commino, and his son Peter Commino. Please contact us: [email protected] Thank you. Tammy Comino - posted 03-2019

COMMINEAUX or COMMINO - I am looking for any information concerning the name COMMINEAUX or COMMINO. Thank you for your help. [email protected] ( address no longer valid ) - posted 08-2000

COMPTON - James Compton was born January 21, 1770 in Brattle Boro, Vermont. His parents were John Compton and Helena Shearer. Clarissa Cleveland was born September 26, 1771 in East Haddam, Connecticut to Josiah Cleveland and Ruth Johnson. James Compton married Clarissa Cleveland on February 17, 1793 in Delhi, Delaware Co., New York. I would love to hear from anyone searching these lines. Linda Lipp - posted 02-97

CONE - Looking for burial place of William Warner Cone, a resident and landowner in Masonville who died there on 21 Mar 1904. He is not buried in the Masonville cemetery. David & Karen Percy - posted 10-98

CONERTY - William Conerty (died 1919) and wife Julia McCabe Conerty (died 1960?)..family records show Sachred Heart-cemetery book shows Stamford Catholic Cemetery. Need to know who to contact for cemtery records to locate family of Julia Conerty. No children in marriage. Lived most of life around village of Worcester. Heirs are owners of mineral interest in LeFlore Co., Oklahoma. Monies will be turned over to state if heirs are not found. Thanks for any info. Sue-posted 11-2004

CONKLIN - I am looking for the family of Burton James Conklin, born 12 March 1962, possibly in Delaware Co., NY. He is the son of Lloyd Conklin and Evelyn Brazee. The dates I have for Lloyd are, b. 14 Dec. 1916, d. April 1962? Where? I have no dates on Evelyn. Did she go to Georgia when Lloyd died? Lloyd Conklin had a sister Enna who m. Clifford McArthur. Lloyd was the son of Roy and Bertha Conklin. Deanna-posted 09-2014

CONKLIN - I am looking for any information on Lucinda (Van Loan) Conklin. She was born in NY about 1820. She married Isaac Van Loan in Greene County, NY about 1835. She married James Conklin between 1878-1880 and died in Masonville, NY around 1883. I do not know her maiden name. I have been told that she was an American Indian but I have no proof of that. Any help would be appreciated. Margie - posted 09-2003

CONKLIN - Looking for information on the Conklin family in Delaware County. Specifically Rufus Henry (b.1846)of Hamden and his son Samuel Alonzo (b.1887) of Hamden and Downsville. Michael Ballard - posted 06-99

CONKLIN - I am looking for information on the Arthur and Emma (Osterhoudt) Conklin family. They're children were born in Denning Ulster County. But lived in the Town of Middletown most of their lives,around Millbrook and Arena. They had these children: Ada M. who married George Cole Annie who married Alfred Murray(Murry)-he was a barber in Margaretville Arthur G who married Emma Davis. Ada is my great grand mother and I am trying to piece their lives in this area together. Vesti Snyder - posted 10-2001

CONKLIN - Am collecting data on all Conklins'. Kathy Reidnauer - posted 01-97

CONKLING - I am trying to find information on the death of Willis Conkling and wife Isabella Sarine Conkling, 4-19-1933 in Middletown, NY. My grandmother Ethel M. Purcell Brink Decker lived with them and I am trying to find an obituary for them to try to locate siblings of Isabella that I might contact about information and also information on their daughter, Lenora Conkling. Grace Brink Foster - posted 11-2011

CONROW(e) - Conroe or Conro or Conrow - Looking for birth record fo Hiram Conro, 1814, Roxbury to find out his parents' names. Bruce Conroe - posted 03-2006

CONROW - My grandparents - Harry and Mildred Conrow, lived in Delhi on Clinton St. They rented out rooms to Ag. students. My mother was Betty Conrow - she was the oldest of four children. She had two sisters, Dorothy and Marion and one brother Carl. Harry and Mildred moved to Deposit. Mildred's maiden name was Duel. I am trying to find my cousin, Clarissa Alinio who lived in Deposit and moved to England. Her mother was Mildred's sister Minnie. Can you help? Kathy Nolan - posted 04-2001

CONSTABLE - I am looking for my grandfathers father and his father. Here is what I have so far: My grandfather was Aaron CONSTABLE (ss. # 130-30-4182) he married Hulda Marechuix. Aaron CONSTABLE's father was Amasiah Constable, he married Rosina Bush. Born 11/01/1861. Ulster Co. Boiceville, NY. Rosina Bush's sister Rovina (Who married a Berryann) was mentioned in the book' The Last of the Handmade Dams Shokan NY - some spellings of Amasiah are also Amzo, Emazine. Evelyn Morales - posted 04-2007

COOK - I'm researching Calvin Cook (B 1777) who is my g-g-g-g grandfather. I know his father was named Robert and fought in the Revolutionary War but not sure which side. Can anyone tell me what side the Robert was on who is in the Cook Family record by Herman Cook on the Delaware County Historical website please? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Brigid Lenaghan Taylor - posted 01-2017

COOK - My ancestor, Elnathan Goodrich (b. 1776, Sharon, Connecticut) married the local schoolteacher in Walton, New York after his first wife (née Sawyer) died. Her name was Sally L. Cook, and I am descended from one of their sons. However, I have been unable to find anything about her origin, e.g., where she was born, who her parents are, &c. I found her 'findagrave' page, and a mention of her in an old newspaper as 'Miss Cook, the schoolteacher, who afterwards married Elnathan Goodrich' but precious little else. As a schoolteacher in that era, with a name like Sally Cook (alias Sarah), she could have come from almost anywhere in the English-speaking world. Her gravestone in Elmira, New York states that she was born 19 July 1781 and an old book on the Goodriches states that she married Elnathan Goodrich 11 February 1813 in Walton, NY. Elnathan Goodrich was a timber merchant in Walton and a member of the Masons and the Congragational church (he was born in Sharon, Connecticut). I can't find a list of Cook children that lists a Sarah or Sally born 19 July 1781, or even a Sarah or Sally Cook that didn't marry someone else. I am also intrigued by her having a middle initial and wonder if that means anything. Later, from census records and birth records for their children, and their gravestones, it appears that they moved, first to Bradford County, PA and thence to Elmira, New York. Does anyone have any information about Sally L. Cook's origins? Justin L. Ankerman - posted 02-2016

COOK - Looking for ancestor/sibling info. on Elizabeth Ann Cook b. 1 Feb 1824 in Monmouth, NJ. Her parents were both born in NJ, according to census reports. She married Erastus Rogers from Walton, Delaware, NY. The earliest census record I have for her in 1850 in Walton. She died 22 May 1883 in Walton. Alison - posted 07-2011

COOK - I am searching for information on Ruth Cook who died in Delaware County October 21,1828. She was married to a Samuel Eggleston. I would like to find out possibly who her parents were. Thank you! Tim - posted 04-2009

COOK - I am looking for information about Jay W. Cook born in 1895. I need to know who his grandparents were and where they were from. I know that his grandmother's name is Salinda who was a full blooded indian. I need to know also what tribe she was from and where they were located. Thanks for any help you can give me. I was told by the Meres family that Barbara Cucciarre would have this information. Jay was my grandfather and the Mere's family are related to me. Grandpa lived in Delaware County and lived in Franklin, N.Y. [email protected] - posted 08-2006

COOK - Looking for information on Halsey Cook - mentioned in the opening page of this website- I have a distant relative Named Halsey Cook who was born in Tompkins County New York in 1822- then moved to Ogle county Illinois - Married Lydia Clark in 1842- from England- Eventually a daughter Delphine Cook married into the Tunison family that has a 3-4 hundred year history from New York. (The Information I have says his parents were both long time residents of New York-that's all I have - no other names etc.). Could this been the same person named in the Cook family of Delaware County? Any info' would be appreciated I've reached a dead end with the Cook line. Gary Schear - posted 08-2005

COOK - later 1700s - early 1800s. I'm looking for immigrant brothers Robert COOK, and John Cook whose wife was Dolly. These Cooks were born about 1740ish and came from Colchester, England, along with a 3rd brother Joseph who settled elsewhere after the revolution. I've read that they lobbied to have the Town(ship) named Colchester. John and Dolly and their daughter Prudence are my ancestors. Their other children were Catherine, Daniel, and Joseph. Dolly and John apparently met at Monmounth NJ during the war. Dolly had one known brother, Amasa J PARKER. I'm really thinking that daughter Prudence indicates New England roots somewhere, could even be Dolly's mother's given name or Parker grandmother's. John's known to have settled 1770s along the Beaverkill, Cooks Falls and other sites bears his name. It's where his patriot headstone is, the cemetery there. John's son Joseph served in the War of 1812-14. There was another Cook line who came into Delaware County later from the Beekman Patent area of Dutchess County NY, Nathan may be one name his sons had "New England" names. Those would likely have had roots going back to CT, maybe RI, MA. I have no idea if those are related. It has been suggested that "my" Cook brothers did have relatives here in the new world. Kaye - posted 09-2003

COOK/COOKE - Abigail Cook(e) born July 4, 1774 in Duchess County, NY m. Henry Horton at Colchester, Delaware County, NY March 10, 1792. Abigail is a Brick Wall! I can see a number of Cooke Families residing in Colchester at the first U.S. Census. Does anyone have information on her parents and actual place of birth? C King - posted 12-2002

COOK - I am the grandson of Leon H. Cook (d. 195?) and Julia J. Howe (d. 192?), married 03/08/1919, of Delaware County. They had three children: my mother, Mary Elizabeth Cook (1920-1995), Helen Cook and James Cook. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Wayne Van Horne - posted 05-2002

COOK - Am interested in obtaining information about Minerva Cook who married Hiram Olmsted, whose son Charles Perry Olmsted m. Hannah Marie Wolfe. Would appreciate any information from someone WORKING on the Cook family line. Kathleen Olmstead -posted 06-2000

COOK - James Cook & Eva Hauver Cook - Looking for connections to my grandparents who were supposed to be buried somewhere in Hambletville Cemetary. As to the year theywere buried it must have been sometime around 1939 to 1942. I checked the cemetaries online and cannot seem to locate them in any of the listing so far. If anyone can supply information about my grandparents it would be greatly appreciated. [email protected] - posted 05-2000

COOK - Leslie C. Wood's book, "Holt T'other Way" reveals that Jeptha Cook was the father of Willis Cook. Enoch Cook was Jephta's father. However, Willis' obituary states he was a grandson of Robert Cook, which would not be in agreement with the book. Also the 1880 census of Town of Colchester, Delaware Co., apparently has Enoch Cook as the father. Does anyone have the right ancestry of Willis Cook? Wayne F. Baldwin - posted 04-2000

COOK- Looking for information on Nathan/Nathaniel Cook, listed in the 1800 Delaware census as living in Walton. He may be my ggg grandfather as a Nathan is listed on my gg grandfather, James Austin Cook's death certificate and father. Any information would be appreciated. Connie Redd - posted 06-98

COOLEY AND BROTT - John Cooley married Jane Brott abt 1818. Family tradition has it they were both born in Deleware County NY. Would like to fine information on their parents. They had a child in Butler County, Ohio in 1820 and died there. Will appreciate any information on the family. Glenda Breslin - posted 09-2007

COOLEY - Ralph was the son of George Cooley, a Methodist minister. The family moved to Bloomville in the mid forties. Ralph would have graduated with the Class of 1950 at the appropriate high school for that town. I'm looking for anyone who knew him or the family. Eric H. "Rip" Wieler - posted 08-2006

COON - I am looking for a Julia E. Coon who married Jacob H. Avery possibly in the mid 1800's in Delaware County, New York. They had 9 children and Grace Avery was my grandmother, born around 1878. However, I never knew her as she died in 1937 before I was born. Colleen Walker Scott - posted 08-2011

COON - Jacob Coon Sr. married to Louisa Northway, Jacob died 1826. I am looking for information regarding the children of Jacob Sr. Did Jacob Sr. and Louisa have a daughter on 3 Nov 1819? Son Jacob Jr. (1821-1912), from book at ancestry.com: "Biographical history of northeastern Ohio : embracing the counties of Ashtabula, Geauga and Lake". Pgs 270-272. K B - posted 10-2007

COON - I am looking for any information about the ancestry/ descendants of Mary COON born 1822 at Simpson(ville), New York. She married William Harper. The family later moved to MI. If you are a COON descendant of either Delaware or Seneca Counties, New York, please email me at: [email protected] Shannon Rathbun - posted 04-2006

COON - Looking for information on: John Wesley COON (1807-1891) m. Sally [--?--] (1812-1896) Bradford Co. PA death records indicate that Sally was born in Roxbury, NY. Son William R. COON b. 1839 in Sheshesquin, Bradford Co. PA. Daryl ELDRETT Watkins - posted 09-2004

COON - Looking for information on Jacob Coon , was married to Louisa Northaway, died 1826. Mike Coon - posted 05-2001

COON - Looking for more information about Simeon Spencer COON, born 23 dec 1827 in Delaware co. Married Sarah Priscilla BENNETT from New Milford, Pa. born 25 jun 1824. Children: Angeline A. Coon, Virginia Coon, Eva Coon, Hattie Eldora Coon, Helen Coon. Leslie Hollander - posted 04-98

COON - Seeking birth, death and family information on Isaac Coon who was a soldier in the War of 1812 and a resident of Delaware County. Probably born in 1792 he married Abigail WHIPPLE and their daughter Lucinda married Charles C. CROSBY whom I am also seeking info on. Don Risen - posted 08-2004

COONLEY - Seeking exchange of info w/ anyone that has COONLEY in fam. tree. Most of the Coonleys resided in Dutchess Co. Edward Ruggles Coonley b..11/15/1822 in Delaware Co., son of Wm. & Mary Thomas COONLEY. I have info to share w/ others searching Coonleys. Jennifer C. Coonley - posted 03-99

COONLEY - Seeking information regarding the child of William & Mary Thomas COONLEY. Edward Ruggles Coonley b.15 nov 1827 in Delaware Co., N.Y. Edward was adopted by a family whose name was RUGGLES. His foster father drowned when a passenger ship sank during a storm. At 21, Edward reverted to Coonley surname & kept Ruggles as middle name. Edward married Ulilla TITUS on 3-26-1845. Jennifer C. Coonley - posted 03-99

COOPER - Have been looking for my gr grandmother Sarrah (Sally) Cooper who was born in Delaware Cty (so she said) 1802. She married John Scott about 1826 and in 1858 they moved to Michigan. She died in MI, May 20, 1877. Could not get a death certificate. So do not know who her parents were. She named her children - Jane, Charles, George, Squire, Evelinda, Magee, Sarah Elizabeth, Robert, Zaida (my grandmother) and Harrison. By one of the relatives in MI - they said there were 13 children but have not found only the ones mentioned. Hope you can shed some light on this subject. Zelma Anderson - posted 04-2003

COPLEY - My gg grandmother, Lydia Ann Copley was born in Harpersfield in 1833. She married Samuel Arthur Brown in 1854 and they moved to Wisc. in 1855. Her father was Ransom Copley and her mother Maria Becher. I hope to find the parents of Ransom & Maria and Sam Brown. Kaufhold - posted 01-99

CORBETT - Looking for any information about the Corbett-Stuart Company in town of Corbett, Delaware County. Mr. Corbett's first name was Julius but I do not know Stuarts name and he is the one I'm interested in. They were in the acid factory business. The town was named after Corbett and the factory homes,and other buildings in the community were all constructed and owned by them. Mary Stuart - posted 08-98

CORBY - My great great grandmother was Sarah Corby, born around 1845, where? and died 10/17/1879. She married William Phineas Howland, who was born 1834 in Howland Hollow, Delancy, NY. they had four children: Dwight I (1864 in Walton), Franklin G (1867 Green Island?) Jennie (1867) who later married Charles Houck, and Mary Etta (1869, who was my Great Grandma, and married Charles Edson Beers) Mary Etta is listed as living with Turney Cable, and his wife, on the 1880 census at age 11. I don't know if she was legally adopted by them, or what the deal was there. Does anyone have any ideas where I can find that out, and where I can find information on the Corbys? I have a lot of info on the Howlands, but am curious about this Sarah Corby, and her family. Beth Beers Rupert - posted 01-2004

CORGAN - Searching for any information regarding Aaron Corgan born circa 1865,( wife Emma Fuller) of Colchester and his family especially sons-Henry Corgan, Walter Darwin Corgan, Anson Corgan,( 1894-1957) and Anson's son Alfred (1925-1945)who died in WWII.Alfred was a paratrooper and is buried in the Netherlands. Family members in Trout Creek and vicinity claim to have no information at all. Tina Pabst - posted 08-2005

CORNELL - I have 2 photos probably from the early 1900's, -one of Lena Cornell and one of Raymond Cornell. I believe they were siblings from Youngs, NY and I would like the pictures to go to someone who is interested. Tina Pabst - posted 01-2008

CORNELL - I would like to know more about William Cornell who married a Hannah Finch. 񢅴's). Perhaps they are a link to the Mary Cornell in my family. Beth Ferdinand - posted 05-97

CORNWELL - Looking for references to William Cornwell (b. 10/19/1750, d.6/11/1825), buried Penn Yan, NY. May be spelled "Cornel" in documents. My fourth-great grandfather. His child, also William, was born in Delhi, NY 3/1/1787 wife Hannah Finch (b. 5/25/1751 d. 5/11/1837) from Greenwich, CT. Was in Tryon Rangers under Harper and in Fifth Regiment/Schoharie. Was at battle of Oriskany. Gregory H. Lundberg - posted 08-2005

COSS - I am trying to find information about my great-grandfather Frank COSS married to Carrie (Brooker) Coss I know they lived in Andes and still have family there. My grandmother was their daughter Edith. Any information about him would be greatly appreciated. Lynne Frisbie - posted 12-2005

COTTON - Seeking burial location of Thomas Cotton and wife. He moved to Sidney, Delaware County, New York somewhere between 1790 and 1810 from Middleton, CT. The 1810 cenus shows him there. He had two sons (Ira and Chauncey and two daughters and a wife (names of women unknown). Ira and Chauncey moved to Friendship, New York. Thomas was born on May 26, 1764 in Middletown, CT. He eventually retired with family after 1851 to Friendship. His wife may have died about 1850-1851. In 1840 the census indicates Thomas and his wife living in Masonville, Delaware County, Ne York. He died between 1855-1860 and was probably living with grandson Samuel Cotton of Friendship, New York. Some indication that he died in Middleton, CT. He does not appear to be buried in the Friendship area. Larry Hardesty - posted 03-99

COTTON/VANCISE - Looking for information for Polly COTTON who married John VANCISE. They had Deborah Ann Vancise 2-1819 somewhere in Delaware Co. NY. Anyone with possible Cotton/Vancise relatives or lines? Are they in your name lists? Jeannie - posted 11-98

COTTRELL - Looking for evidence that Learned Cottrell b. 15 Nov 1796 in Mass and d. 05 Jan 1880 in Meredith was the son of Samuel Cottrell d. 03 Dec 1851 in Meredith. Tom Cottrell - posted 03-2014

COULTER - Information sought on Francis Coulter 񢅫-1846) and wife Nancy Glendenning (died 1873). They are believed to have come from Hawick, Scotland and settled in the Town of Bovina sometime in the early 1800s. Both buried in Bovina. Children: Isabella 񢆆-1879), Elizabeth (b 1800), Agnes (b 1802), Walter (b 1804), Mary (b 1806), James (b 1808), Ellen (b 1810), David (b 1813), William (b 1817). Any information welcome. Ray LaFever, 10 Fox Hollow Square, Cohoes, NY 12047 Ray LaFever - posted 09-2008

COURTNEY - Looking for information on my ancestor , William Courtney - he was a revolutionary war soldier Third PA Regiment of the line, served 5 yrs among the PA Battle of Stoney Point under Mad Anthony Wayne. He married Mary Chamberlain 20 Apr, 1786 in Morristown, New Jersey at the First Presb. Ch. They had Byram Courtney b. 1799, NY, d. 18 Sep 1851 m. Lovisey Benton. William drowned in the Susquehanna River at Unadilla. He also had a son, John b. 1792 who m.Rroxanne Blinn. They had a son Byram b. 1820--not my Byram b. 1799. The sons lived in Cortland Co. and Cattaraugus. Marjo Siano - posted 03-2002

COUSE - I am looking for information on Uriah Couse, born approximately 1810. He was married in 1829 to Susan Fritts and at that time lived in Davenport, Delaware County. I believe he might be the son of Christian Couse who lived in Davenport at about that time. Seeking any information about Uriah. Jessica Stern - posted 01-2010

COUSE - I am researching the COUSE family and have gotten a lead the John C. COUSE may have been born to Moses COUSE & Mary FRY in Delaware Co, NY. John C. was born abt. 1814 Moses born abt 1795 and Mary abt 1795. Up to now I had not known who John's parents were and am still not sure, but would appreciate any info that might help me with this "brick wall". David Veh - posted 08-2001

COVEL - I just started research on my family and my grandfather was borrn to a Richard & Delia (Wolsey) Covel in East Roxbury, Delaware County, New York on Dec. 28 1848. I'm looking for info on his brothers and sisters. Dave Covel or [email protected] - posted 01-99

COWAN - William COWAN - b. 1762, Scotland d. 27 Sept. 1855, Delaware Co. NY. To US between 1807 and 1821 as a widower, with family of married daughter Christiana FRAZIER. Another daughter, Jane, b. 1805, m. James STEELE in Middletown, NY, 1830. Patti Gottschall Schuknecht - posted 01-2001

COWER - Looking for any information about Emma Cower d. of Ernest Cower. Helen Shanahan - posted 08-2003

COWLEY - I would like to know if anyone has the burial information on Huldah HOTCHKISS COWLEY. She was the wife of Jonathan COWLEY, who was the son of St Ledger COWLEY. She died in 1811 supposedly in Delhi. I believe that Jonathan and his son Leverett died by drowning in Dec. of 1813. Any help would be appreciated. Elizabeth B Grasser - posted 09-2010

COWLEY - I am researching the St. Leger COWLEY family. Where was St. Leger and Jonathan, his wife and children buried? Are the graves still visible today? I am going to visit from Georgia and wanted pictures of these graves if they exist. Thank you in advance. (COWLEY, HOTCHKISS, REED, RUSSELL) Elizabeth B Grasser - posted 08-2007

COWLEY - I descend from St. Ledger Cowley and Mary Reed of Delaware County. My branch of the family is as follows: son Jonathan Cowley b. Ireland d. NY, son Ledger Cowley b. abt 1807 NY d. 1896 MI, son Hale O. Cowley b. 1851 d. 1913 Farmington, Oakland, MI d. KS, son Stone Oden Cowley b. 1896 Webster Grove, St. Louis, MO d. 1971 KS, son Gerald Dean Cowley (my father) b. 1931 Great Bend, Barton, KS and then me. I am hoping to trace our family back to Ireland and IOM. All information is of great interest to me. Tara Cowley Parks - posted 12-2006

COWLEY - Will share info on any of the many Cowleys who lived in Delaware County from approximately 1780 to 1880. My own line who lived in Delaware County is: St.Leger Cowley, St. Leger Cowley, Stephen M. Cowley, Augustus R. Cowley. Richard T. Cowley - posted 03-2002

CRABB - family of Walton Twp. seeking connection w/ other researchers of this family. Linus W CRABB(b 1840)+ 1st wife Emma M (children: Alice and Augie) +2nd wife Sarah (b ca 1870) son Mathew CRABB b ca 1896 In 1910, Linus & Sarah had removed to Fairfield Co. Conn where the family originated. Holly Tooker - posted 03-2003

CRAFT - Seeking information on Reuben Craft son of Jacob Craft. I am specifically looking for information relating to Reuben C. Craft. Born 1818 died 1863 serving with the 90th NY Infantry Co. C in New Orleans from disease. He was survived by his wife Deborah Ann Wilson and eight children that I know of. His Children were Peter (1841), James A. (1843), Fanny E. (1845), Isaac (1848), John Day (1851), Thomas R. (1852), Elizebeth A. (1857), and Louisa (1860). I believe Reuben C. to be son of Reuben Craft, son of Jacob Craft, but have not yet found hard evidence for this. The earliest I can find Reuben C. is in the 1850 US census where he is listed living in Colchester. I also have him on the 1860 US census living in Fremont, Sullivan, NY. His neighbors in the 1860 census are Crafts as well. I'm assuming they're related. Their names and ages are James (26), Maryette (20), William H. (1), and Fanny (62). Any information would be greatly appreciated as I have hit a stumbling block. Matt Craft - posted 09-2008

CRAFT - I am seeking information relating to a Reuben C. Craft b.1818 married to Deborah Ann Wilson. The 1850 Census has him listed as living in Colchester, NY. I believe from internet hear say, but can not confirm, that he is the son of Reuben Craft, son of Jacob Craft. If anyone out there has information on this and can help me out I'd be greatly appreciative. Matt Craft - posted 04-2008

CRAFT - I am seeking the parents and maternal/paternal ancestry of a Jacob CRAFT. He was born about 1765 in Westchester Co., N.Y. He married Effie MABIE (b. ca.1764). They removed to Town of Roxbury, Delaware Co., N.Y. about 1800. Their children were Jerusha, William, Reuben, Henry, Fanny, and Polly. Any help is appreciated! Joe Kelly - posted 11-2001

CRAIG - Researching Sarah Craig m. to an Abraham Ogden Their son Abram H. Ogden b. 29 Jan 1796, Walton, Delaware Co., NY Any relation to Andrew Craig, Jr. in 1810 census, Town of Tompkins, Delaware Co.? Jean E. DeLauche - posted 06-2010

CRAIG - Looking for further info on the Craig Family. John CRAIG b. 1825 married Ann Jane Mitchell b. abt. 1827, both were from Ireland. They resided on Irish Hill and raised a family of 16 children. John's parents were Thomas CRAIG and Martha McCULLAH. Ann Jane's parents were Hugh MITCHELL and Jane (?). Geri Teeple or [email protected] - posted 07-98

CRAIG - Thomas Craig and his wife Martha Carson settled in delaware County around 1840. They came from Ireland. Would like to know from where in Ireland and what ship they came on. Any church affiliation etc. He was born about 1792 and died in 1874. Any information would be appreciated. Dan Goodwin - posted 06-97

CRAMER - I am researching for information about my ancestors. I don't have any information about my Great Grandmother whose name is Adelia Cramer. She is not buried with the rest of the family in Delaware County. Patti Drake Laymon - posted 02-2007

CRANDALL - Researching Nelson Crandall born June 25, 1806 in Charlotte (now Davenport), Delaware Co., NY. John Cortland Crandalls book "Elder John Crandall" lists his parents as Elisha and Hannah Crandall. Elliott Thwings book "Livermore Family of America" lists his parents as William and Tacy Crandall. Nelson married Mary 'Polly' Livermore on January 1, 1829 in German, NY and died in Wooster, Ohio on March 30, 1895. They were the parents of 13 children. I would like to know if anyone can shed light on his parentage. Carol Adams - posted 07-2003

CRANE - I am looking for info on Sumner CRANE who had a dau. Charlotte who mar. Sumner BISBEE. They lived in Meredith, Delaware county. Dawn Pratt - posted 02-99

CRANE - Need information regarding Simeon CRANE and wife, Eunice BALDWIN CRANE. They lived in Delaware Co in 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830. They had a son,David B., who married Amanda SWAN between 1820-1824. Rosalie Kimmerly - posted 12-97

CRANE - Researching family of Earl Crane, born 1900 & wife Katheryn Crowley, born Abt. 1901. Earl & Katheryn lived in Deposit, NY. and are buried in Hale Eddy Cemetery. Contact: Wm. Kitz, 13704 SE 126 St., Okla. City, OK. 73165. William Kitz - posted 06-98

CRAWFORD -I am the great great granddaughter of James Crawford, 1835-1912. I am looking for information about where he worked or resided. I do know that he and brother Alexander worked in the lumber trade. James was married to Louisa 1838-1926. James and Louisa were moved from Cannonsville Cemetery to Riverside Cemetery. Would appreciate further information. [email protected] - posted 09-2018

CRAWFORD - Looking for the maiden name of William Crawford's (1800 -1889) wife Laura, (1805 -27 December 1841). Believe he was born in Tompkins where they resided. Not sure where Laura was born. They had 5 children between 1830 & 1839. Lucretia, Margaret, Smith, James & John. Would appreciate any help I can get on this. Thank you. Sharon Crawford - posted 01-2017

CRAWFORD - Am interested in gaining some history of the Crawford Feed Mill as my grandfather was employed there around 1915. Linda Moffitt - posted March 17, 2010

CRAWFORD - I am inquiring about GW and HD Crawford. They must of had a wagon building business in Delhi at one time because I have a horse drawn buggy with their name on it. I am trying to find information about these folks. Any thing you have would be greatly appreciated if you would email it to me. Charles A Gravell Sr. - posted 10-2009

CRAWFORD - I'm seeking date in which Robert Crawford (married Isabella Forsythe and died before 1810) came to Delaware county (perhaps from Schoharie county). Isabella is also sometimes listed as Jenette. I 'm also seeking date and place of death and burial.. Isabella married (2) James Brown. They are on 1810 census, Delaware County. Robert and Isabella had three children - William Crawford who moved to Wayne County, Michigan about 1832, John Crawford, and Janette - who married Henry Robson. Lou Lehmann - posted 01-2003

CRAWFORD - I'm looking for information on Joseph Crawford 1761-1829 and his wife Margaret Shankland 1759-1838. Both were buried in Walton, Delaware County, NY, Joseph served in Rev. War. Donna Goodwin - posted 12-2018

CRIPPEN - According to the DAR, Roswell Crippen, my ggg-grandfather, is buried in Rutland, Twp.,Tioga Co. PA. I don't believe it. I believe that Roswell died , probably about 1812 and is buried near Walton, Delaware Co., NY. At age 81 I am not able to do any traveling so have to travel by computer. Thank you for any help you can provide. Creig B. Crippen - posted 02-2000

CRISFIELD - Would appreciate any information on the CRISFIELD family in Delaware county. - posted 05-99

CRISPELL - Maria Ann CRISPELL was my maternal GGGrandmother, her spouse was John QUACKENBUSH, Jr. they had seven children - the eldest, Edmund Bell QUACKENBUSH, was my great grandfather I seek the names of Maria's parents and or siblings. Maria, John Jr. and John were buried at Davenport Center Cemetery - I will share genealogical information re: Edmund Bell QUACKENBUSH. Wendell J. Roberson - posted 01-2001

CROOK - I am seeking information concerning the guardianship of a Deborah Crook in 1862. My great great grandfather, Henry Crook of Dry Brook, Arkville, NY (Hardenburgh) apparently was her guardian. She appears with the family in the 1870 Federal census. I would like to find out who her parents were? Thank you in advance. Patricia C. Wright - posted 07-2004

CROOKER - I am trying to find out information about my Great Great Grandfather, Levi Baxter Crooker. I know he was living in Delaware County in Tompkins township in 1846, because his oldest son was born in Cannonsville that year. Levi was probably still in Delaware County in 1864, because I believe his youngest son (b. 1855) might be buried there (see below*). His DOB AND DOD are as follows: Crooker, Levi Baxter May-14-1817 Nov-22-1897.
*Levi married Medusa Louisa (Lucy) Clark. I believe that Levi Baxter Crooker had a son John who died at the age of nine. I believe the citation (below) from which I got this piece of information incorrectly identifies Levi B. as David B. Sands Creek Cemetery County Route ෯, Tompkins, Delaware County - John B. Crooker, 9y October 10, 1864, son of David B. and Lucy L.. I have tried to link Levi with the Oyster Bay Crookers through a possible sone of Sampson Crooker of Greene County. There is another possible link: Sampson had a brother, Jacob, who I believe ended up in Delaware County. Perhaps Levi came from Massachusetts, as there were Pembroke Crookers there. Any information or knowledgeable people that I should be contacting would be very helpful, as I will be visiting Delaware County Friday, February 21, and Saturday, February 22, 2003. Richard A. Crooker - posted 02-2003

CROOKER - Trying to find birth record for Ann Crooker born 27 Jul 1810 in Unadilla, NY (Delaware County). I am in Denver, CO and would like to find out how to obtain proof (papertrail) that the information that I have is correct. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Michelle L. Brown - posted 01-98

CRONK - Looking in Delaware County for any info about Emma Jeanette Cronk, I know she married James J. Griffin, looking for her parents. John Dillon - posted 10-2002

CROSBY - I am looking for information about the Hopkins Crosby family of Middletown. Hopkins was the son of Thomas Crosby and Rebecca Bishop and was born in 1781. He married Elizabeth Weed around 1809, and had ten children before moving his family to Indiana sometime after 1840. I am looking for birth records for his children, particularly Drusilla Weed Crosby, who was born in Delaware County in 1816 and lived in Middletown until 1843 when she married her husband Thomas Hoban. She was still living in Middletown as of the 1850 census but thereafter moved to Indiana as well. Anything anyone could provide will be appreciated especially birth and marriage records for Drusilla if these exist. Terri Naughton - posted 06-2021

CROSBY - I am trying to find information that can link Jeremiah Crosby (born 1809 Delaware County, married 1836 Delaware County, died 1877 Delaware County) as son of Hopkins Crosby born 1781 Middelton Died 1866 Shelby County Indiana. They are my 3rd and 4th great grandfathers. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Susan Gwaltney - posted 07-2020

CROSBY - I am looking in Delaware County for info on Abiel Crosby, he had a son Darius S. Crosby. Abiel was son of Reuben Crosby and Sarah Sears. What I realy want to know is names of Abiel's children and if he had married twice. Jean - posted 11-2004

CROSBY - I am interested in information about my great grandparents: William Henry Crosby and Mary Elizabeth Swarts (Swartz?) born about 1840, where? (some info. say NY and other says, England, for Wm. Henry no info about Mary Elizabeth). Their children (5 daughters and 1 son) are all born in Delaware County between 1876 and 1889: Mary Frances, Hattie, Lorie, Grace Belle, Edna Pearl (my grandmother), and Arthur. My intention is to visit Delaware County in April to do research. How ccould I contact county historians, vllage historians. I would appreciate any info. that would make this trip a success, i.e., to find out as much as possible about my grandmother's family. She died when my father was two years old and we know so little about her. Thank you, Claudia Johnson - posted 03-2001

CROSBY In reponse to the grandson of Thomas Sepio Crosby, b. 1876 in Hancock, son of Malcolm Crosby. Malcolm was the brother of my great grandfather John Dennis, his sons were railroaders. My grandfather Frank Crosby was an engineer for the O & W. Maggie Crosby Hall - posted 02-2001

CROSBY - I am the grandson of Thomas Sepio Crosby, born 1876 in Hancock, the son of Malcolm and Elvira Crosby. Thomas had a brother Elmer, both were employed by the Lehigh Valley RR. Thomas was a locomotive engineer on the Black Diamond, and later settled in Jersey City, NJ about 1900. Any similar connection kindly contact me. - posted 05-99

CROSBY - Emma -- Seeking further information on above bc1854 believed to be daughter of Jeremiah Crosby and Lucinda(COONS). She married 1874 Festus EIGNOR in Pine Hill, Ulster Co, NY and family was lost. Roberta Stanulewich Schwartz - posted 01-99

CROSBY - I'm seeking information on Parker CROSBY, born Nov 10, 1780 in Middletown, New York, and his wife Rebecca CARROLL who had 3 children in Delaware County's 1810 census 8 children in 1820 census. Parker died Jan 15, 1867, where I know not. Any info on the family members appreciated. I suspect Parker went to Colesville in Broome County, or possibly to Halcott, Greene County, but I'm uncertain about either. Don Risen - posted 08-2004

CROSBY - Regarding the Crosby kin who lived in Roxbury: I wonder if there is a list for cemeteries that are still in use. My great grandfather Charles C. Crosby had a son Abram that was the Delaware County District Attorney abt 1871 I believe. I've been unable to find records of their deaths from the county or the cemeteries I've known of. Thanks! Don in Modesto, CA. Don Risen - posted 08-2004

CROSBY - Charles C. CROSBY Isaac COON, his wife Abigail WHIPPLE Christian John STARLEY. Interested in learning more of the families. Names in query refer to end of 1700s and early 1800s in Dutchess and Delaware Counties, NY. Don Risen - posted 08-2004

CROSIER - I am looking for information about Margaret I (Lunn) Crosier, widow of Wm Crosier. Born in 1842 to John Lunn & Isabel Turnbull. She disappeared from census records after 1892 while living with her daughter Isabel Hull in Middletown, NY. Bob Neubert - posted 01-2015

CROSIER - Seeking any info about a W.R. Crosier. Early 1900s he married Harriet Alton Shultis, widow of Sanford Shultis of Dry Brook Road, Arkville, NY. Sanford died in 1907 and is the brother of Hanford Shultis of Kelly Corners, my ggrandfather. Thanks- Bob Vredenburgh - posted 08-2000

CROSS - Lester and Mary Cross, with children Clara B. and Edson? were found on the 1910 Delaware County Census in Deposit. Does anyone know what happened to this family? Looking for descendents of Lester, Clara B. and Edson?. Thank You, LauraSeward

CROSSLEY - Looking for copies of death and burial records for family buried at hales eddy cemetary. Names are Elijah and Mary Crossley and Rebecca Bunce. Trying to find places of birth and name of parents. Jennifer Michaels - posted 01-2008

CROUNSE - Seeking information on my CROUNSE line from Schoharie County and surrounding area. Have found lots of info in the book "Old Hellebergh", but still have some missing pieces. I descend from Frederick Crounse (b. 1714). My great grandmother was Mabel Crounse who married Goldsmith Stephens. Would love to find some "cousins" and share info. Merritt Woznick - posted 08-98

CROWLEY - Looking for Crowley Family of Deposit ,New York .Tried to Answer Query By Kay Brownel and Richard Crowley.E-mail no longer valid. Information seems to line up to my grandmother's family. . Mary-Ellen Crowley - posted 01-2003

CROWLEY - Any info on the following families would be greatly appreciated. Crowley, William b 1830 in Ireland, d 1898 Deposit (Delaware) NY. Crowley, Daniel b 1835 in Ireland, d 15 Mar 1910 Sanford (Broome) NY. m. Margaret DOWNEY and had James b 1869 Edward b 1870 John b 1872 Mary Ellen b 1874 William Michael b 1876 Anastasia b 1879 John b 1879 Daniel Henry b 1881 Thomas Patrick b 1887. Crowley, John b 1845 in Ireland, d 29 Jul 1914 Deposit (Delaware) NY m. Mary E. BURNS and had Johanna b 1867 William b 1868 John b 1870 Catherine b 1874. Kay Brownell/Richard H. Crowley posted 10-97

CRUMB - I was wondering if anyone could help me find information on where David Crumb lived in 1870. He married Jerusha Ann Collar in 1867. He lived in Unadilla in 1880. I am also looking for nay informationon his father who was John Crumb and he was married to Mary Reynolds. Gina posted 05-2002

CUDDEBACK - The 1900 Federal Census - Town of Delhi posted on this site contains the entries:

I'm curious about the race reference. The Cuddebacks are/were white as far as I know. Is this an error in the census that's been noted elsewhere in Deleware County, or something that bears further investigation. Jake Jakoubek - posted 10-2000

CULVER - Culver and Sliter/Sluyter Families of Delaware County. John Culver b. abt 1790, New York married abt 1810, Delaware County, New York, Mary Sliter/Sluyter b. abt 1790, New York. They migrated to Wisconsin with their adult children who were born and raised in Delaware County. I am seeking evidence of their marriage, and of her family. The histories of Delaware County mention the Sliter/Sluyter families. I find nothing, however, about her relationship to them. I would be very grateful for help with this puzzle. Katherine Seiders - posted 10-2000

CULVER - Joseph B. Culver, Born Delaware Cty, NY 1830. Charter Member Palastine Lodge, Duluth, MN Joined 2-23-1870 Died 7-17-1883. Will copy and send his picture if anyone is researching him. Suzanne Harris - posted 01-2002

CUMBER - I am trying to get info on Caroline Cumber b. Delaware Co. c1838. Nathan Heifetz - posted 06-2009

CUMBER - I am trying to find information on my great-grandparents and grandfather - What I know- My great grandparents-Lucius and Louisa Cumber are listed in the 1880 census of Sidney, NY - Lucuis was 35 and Louisa was 34. Also listed were Frank (age15) and Eugene (age17) . I don't know if they were brothers or even of Lucius and Louisa. I also know that my grandfather Bert L. Cumber was born in Sidney on February 28th 1882. I also know he graduated from Mynderse Academy in 1890 and I believe Syracuse University in 1904. I have no information on place of birth and place/date of Lucius and Louisa's deaths. If Frank and Eugene were my grandfathers brothers, I am unaware of that. any help would be great Linda C. Gifkins - posted 04-2006

CUMMINGS - I would like to locate further information on the Loyalist Thomas Cummings Sr. & Jr that left for Canada 1778. Any information would be helpful to determine their parentage. Patrick Cummings - posted 06-2001

CUMMINGS - In researching the history of the Christian Church or Christian Connection (a predecessor denomination of the United Church of Christ) in Schoharie, Delaware, Greene, & other upstate New York Counties, I am seeking information on Elder William Cummings. He is listed in an 1825 denominational directory at "Stamford." Also in 1825 he attended a national meeting of the Christian Church. He died at his residence in Lansingville Dec. 12 - 1849 - at the age of 82 years. I am seeking biographical information, particularly as it may related to the history of the Christian Church in Delaware County. Timothy Brown posted 01-99

CUMMINGS - I am searching for the ancestors of John Cummings and Ruth Niles. Their son, George W (my great grandfather) was born in Cannonsville in September, 1854. He married Josephine Vincent of Broome Co. George and Josephine had 5 children Elgie (vandermark), Delcie (whitlock), Jennie (Cavanaugh), Glenn and Earl. Dick Wood - posted 01-99

CUMMINGS - I am searching for any information on Delbert Cummings who married Mary Jane GIFFORD in 1871 in Masonville and lived there with their children, one of which was my grandfather Burton Cummings. I do not know when he died or where he is buried. If any one has any information please let me know. Donna Cummings posted 05-98

CUNNINGHAM - Stephen CUNNINGHAM had a son Charles and three daughers: Elizabeth (Mrs. James Rice), Sarah (Mrs. John Dodds), and Mary (Mrs. Marshall Arbuckle). Was Stephen's wife a CANNON? Roberta Meehan - posted 01-2002

CUNNINGHAM - Seeking information about Mary CUNNINGHAM, born Aug 1879. Residing in Andes in 1900. Parents John and Mary brothers James and John Jr. Moved to Shavertown. I have a letter she wrote in March 1958 telling about her life after the reservoir.The handwriting is quite shaky - she was nearly 80 and not well. She mentioned she was moving to Roscoe NY c/o Arthur ____? Since the letter is recent, I am hoping someone may have known her. Roberta Meehan posted 02-99

CURRY - I am inquiring about John Curry, born in Ulster County NY in 1862, but moved to Delaware County between 1880-1890. He was a stone cutter by trade. John Curry married Mary Althea Travis around 1890. They had 9 children. The eldest was born in 1891 and the youngest in 1916. Children were: Terrance Edward, John Raymond, Bernard Paul, William J, Sylvester Owen, Annie Mary (or Mary), Lawrence Authur, Mary Elvira, Francis Rexford. I believe that John Curry died in 1916 just a couple of months before the birth of his youngest, Francis. He is on the 1915 New York State Census. But John Raymond's WWI draft card from 1917 indicated he supported a widowed mother and 4 siblings. I am looking for any information to confirm date and circumstances of John Curry's death in 1916 as written in query of Kris Belk below. Erin Crean - posted 11-2016
Just wanted to follow up regarding my query above for John Curry. My information didn't come directly from someone responding to it, but from a combination of information I found through the website. I found (and continue to find) a lot of interesting nuggets of information about the Curry family and about the Travis family he married into. I was then able to locate John's death certificate information and obtain a copy of it from the registrar in Hancock. I can confirm he died May 26, 1916 and was buried at St. Paul's Cemetery. --Erin Crean Mar 22, 2017

CURRY - Francis Rexford Curry (July 15 1916 NY) we have a census record from 1920. This cencus lists his mother Mary "Travis" Curry) as a widow. The father (possibly John Curry) was killed in an accident at a Quarry involving run away horses. We are looking for birth record of Francis Rexford, confirmation of who father was, and any Curry family history. Kris Belk - posted 06-2008

CUTTING - Looking for information on John Cutting, who appears under Masonville Deaths in the 1865 Census. He was age 21, entered the service Sept. 1864, and died in the war. He left widow Eliza and two children Laura and Eva in Masonville. What regiment did he serve in? Who were his parents? Donna Burdick - posted 09-2004

CUYLE - Would like to share information with anyone researching the descendents of Samuel Cuyle (b abt 1790) and his wife, Margaret Bunn (b abt 1789). Judy Cuyle - posted 11-2001

Wahneta II YT-134 - History

Allentown Housing Authority
1339 W Allen Street Allentown, PA 18102
Phone: 610-439-8678
Fax: 610-439-8884
TDD: 610-439-1586

Homelessness. Substandard housing. Families and senior citizens struggling in a tumultuous economy. These facets of modern-day life are not new to the Allentown Housing Authority (AHA). Indeed, it was similar circumstances more than 70 years ago that led to the creation of AHA and the first public housing project in the City of Allentown - Hanover Acres.

Dedicated by then-First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in 1939, Hanover Acres marked the local beginning of a federal effort to curb the homelessness and substandard housing that plagued Allentown and many other cities in the 1930s. Authorized and financed by the National Recovery Act of 1933 and the United States Housing Act of 1937, the Allentown Housing Authority was created to oversee construction and operation of this new effort to give residents and families a chance to escape slum housing and find new lives in decent, safe and affordable homes.

The 322 apartments built on the east side of the Lehigh River were intended for what was then considered the "temporarily poor" - those once-middle class families and residents left in dire financial straits or without housing because of The Great Depression.

The outbreak of World War II and the subsequent influx of war workers for plants such as Bethlehem Steel, Mack Trucks, Vultee-Convair and other factories contributing to the war effort sparked the construction of Riverview Terrace adjacent to Hanover Acres. Its construction helped ease a housing shortage in the city.

After the war ended, the need for public housing in Allentown diminished significantly and the existing apartments met the needs of low income families during the period between 1945 and 1963. However, the city in 1963 created the Allentown Redevelopment Authority and introduced a new program to revitalize long-blighted areas of Center City - an undertaking that required demolition of blocks and blocks of substandard and blighted homes and neighborhoods. As part of the plan, the Allentown Housing Authority was called on to construct a new public housing development - to be called Cumberland Gardens and located off Susquehanna Street in the South Side of the city.

Meanwhile, a real need for senior citizen housing became evident during the same period and construction began in 1965 on a new high-rise on Allen Street on a vacant property known by local school children as "the Jackson jungle" because of its overgrown vegetation and proximity to Jackson Elementary School. The new building, dubbed the John T. Gross Tower for the mayor under whose administration construction began, opened in 1967.

Between 1965 and 1976, four other senior high-rises were built and occupied in various locations across the city, including Towers East adjacent to Gross Tower the 700 Building at 7th and Union streets, Walnut Manor at 15th and Walnut streets and Central Park on Wahneta Street on the East Side.

In 1973, responding to a growing need for more senior housing and affordable family homes, AHA undertook construction of the 700 Building and 76 apartments named Little Lehigh because of their proximity to the feeder stream of the same name that empties into the Lehigh River less than a mile away.

Beginning in the early 1980s, AHA began acquiring scattered sites in and around the City of Allentown, implementing a focused rehabilitation program and created a non-profit entity to oversee senior living sites and other offerings in Catasauqua, Slatington and other areas. It also served as an administrative and maintenance agency caring for the existing developments serving families, individuals, senior citizens and low income physically disabled residents. During that period Congress amended the Public Housing Act with a new concept in public housing that has since come to be known as Section 8. This program allows low income residents and families to rent apartments and homes outside of established public housing developments through federally subsidized rent programs administered locally by AHA.

Polk County FL Cemetery Records

NOTE: Additional records that apply to Polk County are also on the Florida Cemetery Records page.

Note: Burial locations are often listed in death records and obituaries.

Polk County Cemetery Records

Polk County, Florida, cemeteries, Vol. 5 BYU Family History Archives

Polk County, Florida, cemeteries, Vol. 7 Genealogy Gophers

Auburndale Cemetery Records

Auburndale Memorial Park Billion Graves

Glen Abbey Memorial Gardens Billion Graves

Lincoln Park Cemetery Billion Graves

Bartow Cemetery Records

Crum (Durrance) Billion Graves

Gandy Cemetery Billion Graves

Good Hope Cemetery (Black) Billion Graves

Homeland Cemetery Billion Graves

Oak Hill Cemetery Billion Graves

Palm Cemetery Billion Graves

Shady Oaks Gardens Billion Graves

Wildwood Cemetery Billion Graves

Bereah Cemetery Records

Bradley Junction Cemetery Records

Connersville Cemetery Records

Davenport Cemetery Records

Davenport Cemetery aka Evergreen Cemetery Billion Graves

Loughman Cemetery Billion Graves

Oak Hill Cemetery Billion Graves

Dundee Cemetery Records

Friendship Missionary Baptist Cemetery Billion Graves

Eagle Lake Cemetery Records

Christ Church cemetery Billion Graves

Fort Meade Cemetery Records

Corinth Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Billion Graves

Evergreen Cemetery Billion Graves

F D Robeson Cemetery Billion Graves

Hancock Cemetery Billion Graves

Lake Buffum Baptist Church cemetery Billion Graves

Monument Park Billion Graves

Mt. Pisgah Cemetery Billion Graves

New Hope Cemetery Billion Graves

Old Elim Cemetery Billion Graves

Pleasant Grove Cemetery Billion Graves

Watson Cemetery Billion Graves

Frostproof Cemetery Records

Eden Cemetery Billion Graves

Mt. Zion Cemetery Billion Graves

Silver Lake Cemetery Billion Graves

Haines City Cemetery Records

Forest Hill Cemetery Billion Graves

Oak Hill Cemetery aka Old Hill Cemetery" or "On The Hill Cemetery"" Billion Graves

Oakland Cemetery Billion Graves

Highland City Cemetery Records

Lake Hancock Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Lake Alfred Cemetery Records

Lake Lowery Cemetery Billion Graves

Oak Grove Cemetery Billion Graves

Lake Wales Cemetery Records

Lake Wales Cemetery Billion Graves

Lake Wales Memorial Gardens Billion Graves

Whidden Cemetery Billion Graves

Willow Lawn Billion Graves

Willow Lawn Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Lakeland Cemetery Records

Carpenters Home Memorial Cemetery Billion Graves

Collins Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Collins Cemetery Billion Graves

Fitzgerald Cemetery Billion Graves

Gapway Cemetery Billion Graves

Lakeland Memorial Gardens Billion Graves

Lakeview Cemetery Billion Graves

Malloy Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Malloy Cemetery Billion Graves

Medulla Cemetery Billion Graves

Mount Tabor Baptist Church Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

New Home Baptist Church Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Oak Hill Cemetery Billion Graves

Old Malloy Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Roselawn Cemetery Billion Graves

Serenity Gardens Billion Graves

Seward Cemetery Billion Graves

Stephenson Cemetery Billion Graves

Tiger Flowers Cemetery Billion Graves

Loughman Cemetery Records

Medulla Cemetery Records

Mulberry Cemetery Records

Fuller Heights Cemetery Billion Graves

Willow Oak Cemetery Billion Graves

Polk City Cemetery Records

Wahneta Cemetery Records

Shady Grove Billion Graves

Winter Haven Cemetery Records

Chris Brown Cemetery Billion Graves

Glover Cemetery Billion Graves

Inman Park Billion Graves

Lake Maude Cemetery Billion Graves

Lakeside Memorial Park Billion Graves

Oaklawn (duplicate) merge Billion Graves

Oaklawn Cemetery Billion Graves

Rolling Hills Cemetery Billion Graves

St Paul's Episcopal Church Billion Graves

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Cemetery records typically list a person's name and birth and death dates. Family members were often buried near each other. Some people buried in a cemetery may not have a current tombstone marker.


Cedartown was established as part of Polk County in the late 1830s. By the late 1880s, the city saw massive land sales which attracted industrialists like Charles Adamson. Adamson, Cedartown’s first factory owner, purchased land in the city and established a textile mill called the Cedartown Cotton Manufacturing Company in 1894. In 1899, the company expanded by adding Paragon Mills to his company two years later, he added the Southern Extension Cotton Mill. The Cedartown Cotton and Export Company ran for twenty years producing high-grade hosiery yard. The Cedartown Cotton and Export Company continued to operate its first and third mills into the 1930s.

To house mill employees, Adamson ordered 33 prefabricated mail-order “kit homes” from the Aladdin Company of Bay City, Michigan, and had them assembled on site. The mill village included a playground, children’s nursery, and a mission school. Throughout the 1920s, Adamson continued to build new homes in Cedartown’s West End. Charles Adamson was instrumental in the early prosperity and development of Cedartown but unfortunately, due to the advent of rayon wiping out his fortune Adamson died a pauper in 1931.

Cedartown was also home to several yarn mills including Standard Cotton Mills, Wahneta Knitting Mills, the Josephine Mills, and more recently Gildan Incorporated’s yarn-spinning facility, which is still in operation today. Standard Cotton Mills opened in 1900 and specialized in the manufacturing of high-grade hosiery, underwear, and yarns. Adding 6,000 more mule spindles to the original mill in 1901, the mill continued to slowly expand during the next few years. In 1902, the Standard Cotton Mill built a second mill to manufacture lower-grade cotton into coarser yarns. The addition of this second mill doubled the capacity of the Standard Cotton Mills.

Standard Cotton Mills ceased operation in 1931 and in 1935, it became the facility of the Uxbridge Worsted Company later known as the Bachman Uxbridge Company. In August 1960 Indian Head Mills Inc. purchased the mills, modernized, and expanded them. Unfortunately, profits slumped in 1963 due to increasingly cheaper foreign imports and the two Cedartown mills closed in 1964. Crown Textile Manufacturing then purchased the mills from Indian Head in May of that same year.

Crown did not put the mills into production and sold them to Hale Manufacturing Company, who purchased the mills to manufacture yarn for the carpet industry in Dalton, Georgia. Hale Manufacturing sold the plant to Polymer Corporation, one of its biggest customers, in 1988. Standard Cotton Mills is no longer standing but the smokestack remains as a reminder of the once-thriving cotton textile industry.

The Josephine Mills went into operation making cotton underwear in 1901 and also built homes for its employees. Cedartown Knitting Company consolidated both Wahneta Knitting Mills and Josephine Mills in 1907, in an attempt to bring back Wahneta Knitting Mills from its closure in 1905. The purchase of the Kuster Box Factory by the owners of Cedartown Knitting added to the mill complex. The Kuster Factory made paper boxes used to package the underwear made at the mills. With 126 of the most modern knitting machines, the capacity and output of the mills were about 500 dozen per day of knit underwear for women and children.

Updates to equipment at both mills in 1903 increased the output of the Wahneta Mill to 200 dozen children’s union suits per day. The Josephine Mills output was increased to 750 dozen women’s underwear. A consolidation of the parent company led to the closing of the Cedartown Knitting Company. Used as a Sunday school, day and night school, and a mission home, the Wahneta Mill building continued the benefit the community into 1907.

In 1916, F. D. Noble, the new owner of the Kuster Box Factory, also purchased the Josephine and Wahneta mills. In the early 1920s, Noble moved his manufacturing operations to Rome, Georgia. In 1923, the United States Dyeing and Finishing Company acquired the Josephine and Wahneta mills and the Blue Spring mill village. The Josephine mill building received an addition while demolition began on the Wahneta mill building. The former Kuster Manufacturing Company paper mill served as the cotton warehouse.

In 1902, the Cherokee Mills opened in Cedartown. Equipped with the best machinery, Cherokee Mills manufactured fine-grade men’s heavy knit underwear. The mill’s president was William Parker who was also general manager of Standard Cotton Mills. Heated by steam and lit by electricity Cherokee Mills was a modern mill for its time. Sold to Standard Mills in 1922, Cook Duck Mill became the new name of the Cherokee Mills. Utilizing twelve acres of land, the Standard Mills complex was an important industrial enterprise in northern Georgia.

In 1964, Arrow Company, a division of Cluett, Peabody & Co. Inc., opened a mill in Cedartown to make men’s and boy’s shirts. The Cedartown plant was originally designed to produce 4,000-4,200 dozen 100% cotton shirts per week but eventually produced 5,500 dozen shirts per week. The plant was in operation until it closed in 1995 due to slow sales with the rise of the casual dress in the workplace and increased competition from lower-cost overseas textile imports.

By the early twentieth century, cotton mills began manufacturing tire cord and other textile products for the new automobile industry. These operations proved costly, leading owners to sell the mills to national companies. In 1925, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company purchased the former the Paragon mills, its first mill in Georgia, to produce cotton cord and cloth for tires.

The Goodyear Clearwater Mill #1 added two additional buildings to the original mill building and 100 additional homes to the mill village. 288 homes were located in the mill village, providing housing for more than fifty percent of the plant employees.

Production at Goodyear Clearwater Mill #1 continued during World War II and African Americans in particular benefited briefly from wartime labor shortages. Working longer hours and sometimes receiving pay increases, some companies hired African American workers to fill production lines, positions not previously available to them. These jobs disappeared after the war and did not return until after Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Goodyear mill closed in 1983, due to several causes including a decline in demand for tire fabric, increased production of smaller tires, and increased use of steel-belted radial tires. Destroyed by fire three years after closing, the mill complex is no longer standing. The mill village remains with both the original mill homes built by Adamson as well as those built later by Goodyear.

With a history steeped in cotton textile manufacturing, Cedartown still boasts a modern manifestation of the industry. In July 1998, Harriet & Henderson Yarns Inc. broke ground on a new yarn spinning facility in Cedartown. In 24-hour operations by October of 1998, the plant supplied the yarn to sock knitters in the Ft. Payne, Alabama area. In 2003, Frontier Spinning Mills and Gildan Inc., in a joint venture, purchased the two yarn-spinning facilities in Cedartown from Harriet & Henderson Yarns Inc., after the company declared bankruptcy. The facilities began operations as Cedartown Manufacturing LLC., spinning cotton yarn for t-Shirts and tank tops. Modernized and refurbished in October of 2012, when Gildan Inc. purchased 100% of the plant, the plant is still in operation in Cedartown.

Wahneta Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Passionate advocate for elders in nursing home abuse cases. Free consultation!

Sanga Turnbull is the founder and principal attorney at The Turnbull Law Firm, a Florida law firm helping personal injury victims in Lakeland, Winter Haven and Orlando recover compensation for harm done to them by the negligence of others. The comprehensive personal injury practice at The Turnbull Firm includes all manner of motor vehicle accidents, nursing home neglect and abuse, slip and fall, workplace and industrial accidents, medical malpractice, catastrophic injury, wrongful death, and more. Injury victims or their families are invited to call The Turnbull Firm for a no-cost, confidential consultation about any potential claims they may have.

Mr. Russo is a personal injury, car accident, and medical malpractice attorney located in Lakeland, Florida. Mr. Russo's office is located across from Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center on Lakeland Hills Boulevard.

He handles lawsuits involving car accidents, motorcycle accidents, semi-truck accidents, slip and fall, product liability, and medical malpractice. A consultation with Mr. Russo is free. Accident and injury cases are free unless you win.

Mr. Russo is originally from Lakeland, Florida and attended Lake Gibson High School. He went to the United State Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, the University of Central Florida in.

Mary Sherris was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida.

She earned her Bachelors Degree from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at The University of Florida in Political Science and subsequently, her Masters Degree in Urban Planning from the College of Architecture at The University of Florida. Ms. Sherris studied law at the University of Akron where she earned her Juris Doctor and was published in the Akron Law Review. She also completed the Trial Advocacy program at the National District Attorneys Association National Advocacy Center in Colombia, SC and ATLA’s Advanced Trial Advocacy program in.

With over four decades of experience advocating for the rights of accident victims, Attorney James O. Cunningham’s name is synonymous with Florida Personal Injury Law. Since 1977, he has tirelessly fought to obtain fair compensation for those injured by the negligent acts of others. This dedication has earned him the reputation as one of Florida’s preeminent personal injury attorneys in the areas of:
• Auto Accidents
• Truck Accidents
• Drunk Driving Accidents
• Dog Bites
• Aviation Accidents
• Boating and Water Craft Accidents
• Construction & Electrical Accidents
• Medical Malpractice
• Motorcycle Accidents
• Nursing Home Neglect
• Premises Liability and Inadequate Security
• Product Liability
• Wrongful Death

Matt Powell has been protecting injured victims and their families in the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years.

He is dual Board Certified as a Civil Trial Lawyer by The Florida Bar and National Board of Trial Advocacy.

At his firm MattLaw, he handles cases involving car crashes, trucking crashes, medical malpractice, motorcycle crashes, wrongful death, bicycle crashes, negligent security, products liability, and many other types of injury cases.

Matt first practiced law with a well-known defense firm in Tallahassee that represented over 20 insurance companies, negligent drivers and doctors.

During that time, Matt learned the techniques insurance companies use to.

Hitler busts & Nazi paintings found beneath Austrian Parliament

"It's not really a surprise when you clear out a building after 130 years," a spokeswoman for the parliament said, as cited by AFP. "We know that the building was used as a 'Gauhaus' (local Nazi party headquarters) during World War II and we expected to make discoveries like this."

A total of four paintings, two busts, and a relief were found in a box in the basement.

"The find underscores the importance of the complete reconstruction of the history of the National Assembly," Austrian National Council President Doris Bures said, as cited by der Standard.

In 2015, Bures commissioned two historians, Bertrand Perz and Verena Pawlowsky from the University of Vienna, to produce an in-depth study of the history of the parliament buildings throughout the Nazi dictatorship between 1933 and 1945.

These new artefacts will be given to the pair as part of their work, which is due to be presented in spring 2018.

Lawmakers have moved to the nearby Hofburg palace while the major renovation, due to last several years, takes place.

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Wahneta II YT-134 - History

Press play below to listen to the podcast, download it in the iTunes Store, or stream it via Stitcher.

“Murderers with the power to murder descended upon a defenseless people and murdered a large part of it. What else is there to say?”

So wrote Norman Podhoretz in his scathing 1963 essay on Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil. Arendt, a German Jewish refugee and the world’s foremost theorist of totalitarianism, had travelled to Israel to witness the historic trial of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann. But rather than writing a fair-minded report on the Jewish people’s first opportunity in millennia to try one of their oppressors, Arendt used the occasion to offer her own theory of Eichmann’s character, Jews’ complicity in their own slaughter, and what she called the “banality of evil.”

Arendt’s coverage of the trial sent shockwaves through the coterie of New York Jewish intellectuals of which she had been an admired member. Writing in Commentary magazine, Podhoretz showed himself to be among her harshest critics. His essay is a clarion call for moral clarity that seeks to expose how Arendt’s brilliance distorts her ability to see Nazis for what they were and evil for what it is.

In this podcast, Tikvah Distinguished Senior Fellow Ruth Wisse joins Eric Cohen to discuss Eichmann’s trial, Arendt’s theory of it, and Podhoretz’s piercing critique. They discuss what motivated Arendt to write as she did and analyze why this moment proved to be so momentous in the intellectual evolution of many American Jewish thinkers. Wisse and Cohen show that while the Eichmann trial may be behind us, the perversity of brilliance against which Podhoretz inveighed is still very much alive today.

Musical selections in this podcast are drawn from the Quintet for Clarinet and Strings, op. 31a, composed by Paul Ben-Haim and performed by the ARC Ensemble, as well as Ich Grolle Nicht, by Ron Meixsell and Wahneta Meixsell.

This podcast was recorded in front of a live audience at the Tikvah Center in New York City.

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