Historic Plymouth Rock Defaced With Spray Paint

Historic Plymouth Rock Defaced With Spray Paint

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One of America’s most revered and important landmarks has been defaced by vandals. The monument was badly defaced, and a search is underway to apprehend those who were involved in the incident, which has shocked the local community and the wider public.

Plymouth Rock is the site where the Mayflower Pilgrims disembarked from their ships in November 1620, although there are many who suspect that the rock was not the place the Pilgrims, religious refugees from England, first stepped when they reached the shores of America. However, they went on to establish the Plymouth Colony which is often seen as the settlement that played a critical role in the development of the United States. These colonists also are famous for celebrating the ‘First Thanksgiving’ in 1621.

Mayflower Pilgrims and Plymouth Rock

Today, the rock is behind a Roman Doric portico, to allow visitors to view the rock on the seafront in Plymouth MA. The year 1620 was chiseled onto the stone in the 18 th century and parts of it are to be found elsewhere in America. Because of its history, the rock is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state.

At sometime on the night of the 10 th of February 2020, unknown intruders entered the Pilgrim Memorial Park which is managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation. They somehow managed to enter the small enclosed area where the rock is on public display, and then the vandals spray-painted the rock until much of it was covered with red paint. There are what seem to be words and numbers graffitied onto the rock, but they are difficult to decipher for certain.

A statue and other monuments were also sprayed. (Image: Turn to 10 )

Images of vandalism

‘A statue and a bench were also tagged’ according to reports in Turn to 10 . Images of the vandalism have been shared by angry local residents over various social media platforms. Mashviral reports that they also show ‘a large clamshell painted with a photo of the harbor and Mayflower tagged with red graffiti’.

The historic rock was not the only target of the vandals. The National Monument to the Forefathers on Allerton Street, which is not far from the rock in Plymouth, is still covered in graffiti. Some of the graffiti on this important monument are profanities.

This is not the first time that the revered rock has been defaced by vandals. The rock was graffitied in 2014. During this incident, the stone was spray-painted with the word ‘Lies’. The rock has always been controversial. Twice in the past, Native American rights activists have ritually buried the rock, because they believed that it was a symbol of the destruction of their people and way of life.

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Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts , the traditional site of disembarkation of William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims who founded Plymouth Colony in 1620. At the left of the rock can be seen where it was split in two in 1774, with the top part relocated to the town's meetinghouse. The two parts were later rejoined in 1880, at which time the date 1620 was inscribed into the rock. ( jjron / GFDL 1.2 )

400th year anniversary

Mashviral reports that ‘The city of Plymouth is commemorating the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock this year’. The municipality is planning to celebrate the arrival of the Mayflower on American shores with great pageantry and naturally, the Rock will be central to the events. It is not currently known ‘if the vandalism was connected to the commemoration’ reports Turn to Ten .

There has been some good news reported with regard to the Rock and it seems that the damage is not permanent. Julianne Lima a journalist with Boston 25 reported on her Twitter feed that the ‘Dept. of Conservation and Recreation crews are power washing Plymouth Rock’. They are using a special solution which includes some paint remover. The department responsible for the Rock believes that they have already washed off most of the graffiti and the rest will be removed shortly. The local police have been made aware of the incident and they are investigating.

Iconic Plymouth Rock, Other Sites Vandalized Ahead Of 400th Anniversary Of Mayflower

Vandals over the weekend tagged Plymouth Rock, the famous stone that commemorates the supposed landing site of the Pilgrims who arrived via the Mayflower in 1620.

Several other local historical markers were also hit.

“The defacement of these symbols of Plymouth’s history, or any public property for that matter, is unfathomable and unconscionable,” Town Manager Melissa Arrighi wrote on Facebook.

The vandalism took place Sunday night or early Monday, and cleaning efforts are now underway.

#PlymouthRock vandalized overnight. Crews have removed the spray paint. Several other town monuments hit too. #7news
Photo courtesy of Peter Sullivan. pic.twitter.com/Y0kDaFHav3

&mdash Kimberly Bookman (@KimberlyBookman) February 17, 2020

The markings include “508” ― the local area code ― and the letters “MOF.”

Other markings include obscene words, a sad bunny face and five-pointed stars with “666” written around them.

We are saddened and sickened by the recent vandalism in our historic town. This is just one of our historic monuments that was hit. We will begin clean up as soon as possible and the police are investigating. pic.twitter.com/kQeTxO7sor

&mdash Melissa Arrighi (@MelissaArrighi) February 17, 2020

The rock commemorates the supposed landing site of the Pilgrims, or Puritan separatists who left England first for the Netherlands then, in 1620, for the Americas, eventually landing at Plymouth in December of that year.

The community will mark the 400th anniversary of the arrival with a series of events this year.

No rocks at all were mentioned in the documents and descriptions left by the Pilgrims themselves but rather it is a local legend that dates to about a century later and didn’t appear in print until 1775, according to Pilgrim Hall Museum.

The “1620” inscription on the rock was added in 1859.

Plymouth Rock and other local sites have been attacked by vandals in the past, but this one seems more extensive.

“This was the worst case of vandalism the town has ever seen,” Kevin Depathy, a local man who started a GoFundMe campaign to create a reward for catching the vandals, told The Hill.

Some of those past incidents included political messages, but police told USA Today there doesn’t seem to be any political motivation behind the current wave of graffiti.

Plymouth Rock and other historic monuments are vandalized with red graffiti

Officials in Plymouth discovered the vandalism at the rock and other sites around the historic town early on Monday morning.

Workers removed the red spray paint, which included the letters MOF and the numbers 508, from the rock before noon.

Authorities say no arrests have been made and the site was open to tourists.

The rock has come to symbolize the spot where William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims disembarked before founding Plymouth Colony in December 1620.

Police said the vandals also targeted a seashell-shaped sign celebrating the upcoming 400th anniversary of the 1620 Mayflower landing, the Pilgrim Maiden statue and the National Monument To The Forefathers.

The photo above from Monday shows the vandalized Plymouth Rock, the landmark which represents the spot where the first pilgrims landed 400 years ago

Vandals also defaced a seashell-shaped sign celebrating the upcoming 400th anniversary of the 1620 Mayflower landing

Vandals also spray-painted graffiti on The Pilgrim Maiden, a bronze statue erected in 1922 in honor of the women of Plymouth’s founding families. The image on the right is a file photo of the same statue

The above image shows graffiti spray-painted on the National Monument to the Forefathers, a 120-year-old statue that commemorates the Mayflower Pilgrims

The vandalized monument was then scrubbed down and the graffiti was removed before noon on Monday

Another monument at the site is seen above on Monday after it was vandalized

Hours later, the monument was scrubbed down and the graffiti was removed

The Plymouth Rock landmark is seen in the above file photo from November 2018

Most of the graffiti was indecipherable though local officials say some of it contained anti-police messages.

It was not immediately clear if this graffiti incident had any connection to the anniversary celebration, but Plymouth Rock has been the site of political demonstrations before.

United American Indians of New England holds the solemn remembrance on every Thanksgiving Day since 1970 there to recall what organizers describe as 'the genocide of millions of native people, the theft of native lands and the relentless assault on native culture.'

'Seeing this type of disrespect for the historic reminders of the Mayflower story is both sad and unsettling,' Lea Filson, the executive director of local tourism agency See Plymouth, said in a statement to USA Today.

'The outpouring of concern and anger over the incident has been a positive ending to a thoughtless gesture.'


April 24: Plymouth 400 commemoration opening ceremony at Plymouth's Memorial Hall.

June 27-28: Official maritime salute in Plymouth Harbor including replica ship that carried Pilgrims in 1620.

August 1: A Wampanoag Ancestors Walk to honor the original 69 villages of the Nation, which is now known as Massachusetts.

September 14: A State House Ceremony at Massachusetts State House will honor the Pilgrim forefathers and Native people who are immortalized in the historic founding of Plymouth Colony.

September 19: A huge Embarkation Festival is scheduled to take place on the Plymouth waterfront that will honor the traditions, cuisine and music of the original settlers and the Wampanoag people.

October 29-November 1: A conference at Bridgewater State University will address the legacy of colonization experienced by Wampanoag and other Native people.

November 20-25: Series of events in Plymouth in the lead up to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Four centuries on, the United States is now preparing to commemorate the moment the Mayflower made its historic crossing from the U.K.

The Pilgrims' landing at Plymouth, Massachusetts and the subsequent interactions between the British and the Wampanoag tribe significantly shaped the birth of America.

The Mayflower Pilgrims were significant to American history for a number of reasons, including establishing the New World, a founding documents and the tradition of Thanksgiving.

But the arrival of the British Pilgrims all those centuries ago had a devastating impact on the Native Americans - the effects of which are still held today - who have inhabited Massachusetts for 12,000 years.

The 400th anniversary commemorations have been years in the making with a replica Mayfair ship undergoing million dollar restorations in anticipation for the events.

The non-profit, Plymouth 400 Inc., was established back in 2011 and has been planning the American commemorations of the Mayflower voyage and the founding of the Plymouth colony.

Those planning the U.S. commemorations have also been working in conjunction with the U.K and the Wampanoag tribe to plan the historic events.

There are seven main events being held from April through to November that range from a replica voyage and an ancestral walk to honor the Native tribes.

The United States is preparing to commemorate the moment the Mayflower made its historic crossing from the U.K. to Plymouth, Massachusetts 400 years ago. Pictured above is a replica of the Mayflower that underwent renovations for the historic anniversary

The Pilgrims' landing at Plymouth, Massachusetts and the subsequent interactions between the British and the Wampanoag tribe significantly shaped the building of America

The arrival of the British Pilgrims all those centuries ago had a devastating impact on the Native Americans - the effects of which are still held today - who have inhabited Massachusetts for 12,000 years

'In name, Plymouth 400 calls to mind a singular place but the history of Plymouth colony is integral to the founding of Massachusetts and the Nation,' said Dusty Rhodes, Plymouth, Massachusetts 400th Commission Chair.

'The cultural contributions and American traditions that began with the interaction of the Wampanoag and English peoples have significantly shaped the building of American and continue to provide lessons for our future.

'Further, the inclusion of the Native American perspective is one of the truly unique aspects of this commemoration as, historically, this perspective has been mishandled and misrepresented.'

Vandals cover historic Plymouth Rock in red spray paint

Police are investigating a vandalism spree that left the famous Plymouth Rock covered in graffiti.

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Department of Conservation and Recreation spokesman Bill Hickey told boston.com: 'This kind of thing happens two to five times a year. It’s just the nature of where it is.'

The rock sits in Pilgrim Memorial State Park on the waterfront in an isolated area. It is a small piece of a larger rock that once stood in the place where the Pilgrims landed.

A parks employee cleaned off the graffiti following the attack on Monday night

Plymouth Rock marks the spot where the Pilgrims arrived in the new world in 1620

Historic Plymouth Rock damaged by vandals

PLYMOUTH, Mass. (WPRI) — Police are investigating after vandals damaged the iconic Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts, along with several other monuments in the area.

The landmark, which famously has the year 1620 chiseled into it, was found Monday covered in red spray paint.

Photos posted on social media showed the Pilgrim Maiden statue, the National Monument to the Forefathers and a seashell-shaped sign were also defaced.

Plymouth Town Manager Mellisa Arrighi said they will be cleaning up the damage and that police are investigating.

We are saddened and sickened by the recent vandalism in our historic town. This is just one of our historic monuments that was hit. We will begin clean up as soon as possible and the police are investigating. pic.twitter.com/kQeTxO7sor

&mdash Melissa Arrighi (@MelissaArrighi) February 17, 2020

This year, the town is commemorating the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock.

  • Plymouth vandalism, courtesy Peter Sullivan
  • Plymouth vandalism, courtesy Paul Mitrano
  • Plymouth vandalism, courtesy Betty Cavacco
  • Plymouth vandalism, courtesy Betty Cavacco
  • Plymouth vandalism, courtesy Betty Cavacco
  • Plymouth vandalism, courtesy Betty Cavacco

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Plymouth Rock vandalized, covered in graffiti: 'Why? Why would someone do this?'

Plymouth Rock and other sites were covered in graffiti by vandals at the site marking the landing of the Pilgrims in Mass. 400 years ago. (Feb. 17) AP Domestic

PLYMOUTH, Mass. – “Why? Why? Why would someone do this?” Gayle Manning asked as she looked down at vandalized Plymouth Rock on Monday morning.

She was one of many who traveled to the Plymouth waterfront to express disgust over the overnight damage to the landmark and other waterfront monuments by vandals wielding cans of spray paint.

Police Chief Michael Botieri said Plymouth Rock, the Pilgrim Maiden statue, a memorial granite bench and at least four of the Scallop Roll statues scattered about the waterfront by the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce were tagged with paint.

Vandals targeted Plymouth Rock and other waterfront monuments and statues in Plymouth, Massachusetts, overnight Sunday. (Photo: Courtesy photo via Wicked Local Plymouth)

Similar graffiti, including an obscene message aimed at police, was found more than a mile away at the base of the state-owned National Monument to the Forefathers.

A Scallop Roll statue Plymouth, Massachusetts, was one of at least four of site vandalized overnight Sunday. (Photo: Courtesy photo via Wicked Local Plymouth)

Much of the Plymouth Rock graffiti was indecipherable smears of paint, Botieri said, but several of the landmarks were tagged with the numbers and letters 508 MOF.

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Police detectives reviewed surveillance video from the area in hopes of identifying the vandals, Botieri said. Police searched along the rocky waterfront for discarded paint containers.

Vandals targeted the Pilgrim Maiden overnight Sunday. (Photo: Courtesy photo via Wicked Local Plymouth)

Botieri said there does not appear to be any political connection to the graffiti, but some who gathered at Plymouth Rock on Monday morning wondered.

Manning noted that the graffiti occurred on Presidents Day and in 2020, which is the 400th anniversary of the pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock.

Maintenance crews from the town and the state set to work Monday cleaning up the graffiti with power washers and a solvent used to clean previous vandalism.

Plymouth Rock has been targeted occasionally over the years, sometimes by people with a political agenda.

Botieri acknowledged that this vandalism was beyond the scope of past tagging incidents.

“Seeing this type of disrespect for the historic reminders of the Mayflower story is both sad and unsettling,” Lea Filson, the executive director of local tourism agency See Plymouth, said in a statement. “The outpouring of concern and anger over the incident has been a positive ending to a thoughtless gesture.

“As Plymouth commemorates the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower this year, we have already begun welcoming international and domestic visitors. The waterfront and the historic district are safe, well- lit, and will continue to welcome all who visit.”

Plymouth Rock vandalized with red graffiti ahead of 400th anniversary of Mayflower landing

Residents of historic Plymouth, Mass., awoke on Presidents&rsquo Day to find their town &mdash and its landmark Plymouth Rock &mdash covered in bright red graffiti just months before the community is set to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower&rsquos arrival.

Also tagged by spray paint were the Pilgrim Maiden Statue in Brewster Gardens, a bench monument from National Society Daughters of the American Colonists and art installations, including three-foot tall fiberglass sea scallops decorated by local artists.

&ldquoThe defacement of these symbols of Plymouth&rsquos history, or any public property for that matter, is unfathomable and unconscionable,&rdquo Town Manager Melissa Arrighi said in a statement posted to Facebook.

Plymouth Public Works crews worked throughout the day to clean up the vandalism, officials said, and the Plymouth police vowed to find and prosecute whoever was responsible for the damage.

Plymouth Rock and Other Massachusetts Monuments Vandalized With Red Graffiti

The town of Plymouth, Massachusetts, is gearing up to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Mayflower, which docked on the shores of the New World in December 1620. But on Monday, residents awoke to find that several monuments associated with the Pilgrims’ arrival—most notably Plymouth Rock—had been vandalized overnight.

According to Johnny Diaz of the New York Times, a still-unidentified vandal (or group of vandals) spray painted the letters “MOF” and the numbers 508 in red across the rock, which, according to legend, marks the spot where the Pilgrims disembarked before establishing Plymouth Colony, the first colonial settlement in New England. The culprits also defaced the Pilgrim Maiden Statue, which honors the women who settled Plymouth the National Monument to the Forefathers a bench that pays tribute to the daughters of the colonists who arrived in Plymouth in 1623 and four artworks in the shape of scallop shells.

“The defacement of these symbols of Plymouth’s history, or any public property for that matter, is unfathomable and unconscionable,” wrote town manager Melissa G. Arrighi in a Monday Facebook post. “The Town of Plymouth Police are actively seeking those responsible and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.”

Several monuments have been vandalized in Plymouth, including Plymouth Rock. Residents are sharing these photos of the vandalism online. Police are aware @boston25 pic.twitter.com/urfNF0glHj

— Julianne Lima (@JulianneLimaTV) February 17, 2020

Plymouth Public Works crews quickly set about cleaning the graffiti, reports Katie Mettler for the Washington Post, and by Monday evening, Arrighi had taken to Twitter to praise the team’s efforts as “remarkable.”

Arrighi tells the Times that some spots required chemical treatment because red paint had seeped into the stone, but by and large, she says, the markers “look good right now.”

Authorities have yet to identify the culprits, but as Rich Harbert reports for Wicked Local, Plymouth resident Kevin Depathy has launched a fundraising campaign in hopes of raising enough reward money to encourage those with information to come forward. As of Thursday afternoon, the GoFundMe campaign had raised $1,425 toward its stated goal of $2,000.

This is far from the first time Plymouth Rock has been vandalized. In 2014, after vandals spray painted the word “lies” onto the historic monument, a spokesman for the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation told the Boston Globe’s Jacqueline Tempera that “this kind of thing happens two to five times a year.” Still, this week’s defacement marks a departure from the past in both its scale and timing.

The vandals’ motives—and whether the graffiti is linked to the upcoming anniversary of the Mayflower’s arrival—remain unclear. But as the Associated Press points out, previous political demonstrations at Plymouth Rock have emphasized the Pilgrims’ mistreatment of and encroachment on the indigenous people who occupied the area long before the colony’s establishment. Every Thanksgiving, members of United American Indians of New England gather near Plymouth Rock to commemorate a National Day of Mourning for the “genocide of millions of native people, the theft of native lands and the relentless assault on native culture.”

We are saddened and sickened by the recent vandalism in our historic town. This is just one of our historic monuments that was hit. We will begin clean up as soon as possible and the police are investigating. pic.twitter.com/kQeTxO7sor

— Melissa Arrighi (@MelissaArrighi) February 17, 2020

Plymouth Rock, located in Pilgrim Memorial State Park on the shore of Plymouth Harbor, is one of the nation’s most iconic landmarks. It is said to be the place where William Bradford, the governor of Plymouth Colony, first stepped onto land in 1620—though the two surviving firsthand accounts of the colony’s foundation do not mention the boulder. (And, in truth, the Pilgrims spent a month exploring Cape Cod before deciding to settle in Plymouth.)

“It wasn’t until 1741, when a wharf was to be built over it, that 94-year-old Thomas Faunce, a town record keeper and the son of a pilgrim who arrived in Plymouth in 1623, reported the rock’s significance,” wrote Megan Gambino for Smithsonian magazine in 2011. “Ever since, Plymouth Rock has been an object of reverence, as a symbol of the founding of a new nation.”

During a recent gathering of Smithsonian Institution scholars, Kenneth Cohen of the National Museum of American History posited that the historical elevation of Plymouth rock stemmed from the “Sublime” aesthetic movement, which emerged in the mid-18th century and sought to stir the strongest possible emotion through art.

“[I]t evolved into a mode that emphasized nature’s power through scale, force and harshness,” said Cohen, as quoted by Smithsonian magazine’s Nadine Daher.

Attaching symbolic importance to this single boulder, he added, fuels a mythology that narrows the broader context of the Pilgrims’ arrival.

“It encapsulates Euro-American historical memory that this lone rock, not the shoreline, not the fields, and above all not the people who already lived there, are what they made the focus,” Cohen explained. “To combat the myth, we’ve got to push our visitors so they can look up over the top, and see all the sand, the fields, and above all, the Native peoples who have been busting this myth for centuries already.”

No one can deny that Plymouth Rock has become a fixture of the public consciousness its defacement certainly prompted strong reactions among locals.

“Outrage. It was disappointment. It was disgust,” Arrighi tells the Times. “The level of disrespect and not caring about public property and the historic community, it’s shocking.”

Police arrest teen for vandalizing Plymouth Rock – same suspect who beheaded police officer statue at 9/11 memorial?

Plymouth, Massachusetts – After spending over a week trying to identify a suspected vandal, police have announced the arrest of a teenage suspect they believe to be responsible for defacing Plymouth Rock earlier this month.

The timing is probably not coincidental. Plymouth is commemorating the 400 th anniversary of the Mayflower landing this year.

Police say a 17-year-old boy is responsible for spraying red paint all over Plymouth Rock and several other sites in the historic Massachusetts community. https://t.co/xutuSWqRiO

&mdash NEWS CENTER Maine (@newscentermaine) February 28, 2020

On February 17 th , the famous rock with the year “1620” chiseled into the stone was spray painted with the caption “508 MOF”.

Several other landmarks nearby the rock, such as the Pilgrim Maiden and Four Fathers Monument, were also tainted with the same red spray paint.

Police noted that in total, there were 11 locations that were the subject of said vandalism.

On Thursday, February 27 th , police stated that they had a suspect in custody that they allege to be the sole person responsible for all the graffiti. Authorities only identified the suspect as a 17-year-old male resident of Plymouth.

Police stated that he’s been charged with one count of trespassing and 11 counts of vandalism to property.

Chief Botieri has put out the following Press Release regarding the charges against the male responsible for the recent vandalism around Plymouth and historical monuments: pic.twitter.com/qAV7OZn1eJ

&mdash Plymouth Police Dept (@Plymouth_Police) February 27, 2020

Investigators had identified the suspect after reviewing surveillance footage from several locations near and around the vandalized landmarks. Police had commented on the clean-up efforts of the crime, saying:

“The vandalism of these Historic Landmarks along with the other property was cleaned up within 24 hours due to the efforts of Plymouth DPW personnel, as well as volunteers from the community.”

Most, if not all, the vandalized landmarks and displays had the “508 MOF” tagging painted on them. While there’s been little explanation to what this means, it’s possible that it’s some kind of reference to a neighborhood clique or gang.

“508” happens to be an area code established that covers portions of Plymouth.

Very disrespectful and disturbing for America’s Hometown! Thanks to our DPW crews for their quick response and a resident (Jake Mowles) who has volunteered to help out! Jake owns Eastcoast power washing. There are still wonderful people in our community! Shame on you 508MOF! pic.twitter.com/T8ICbiPl93

&mdash BettyCavacco (@Cavaccob) February 17, 2020

Hard Factor Wes, of Barstool Sports fame, had some funny words for those repping “508 MOF”:

“508 MOF gang is the softest gang in the world. Good luck protecting your turf with the street cred you gained by spraying a famous rock, what’s next for them, they gonna graffiti The Liberty Bell?”

So, what could be in store for the alleged juvenile vandal?

Turns out that Massachusetts has some stiff penalties for vandalism in their state.

If convicted of all counts of the vandalism charged, the minor could face up to three years in prison for every count and a fine assessed at three-times the value of every defaced item and monument.

It would be hard to determine the value of such monuments that were spray painted, but this 17-year-old won’t be thinking his shenanigans was that funny when reviewing the potential sentence he could face if convicted.

What police have not yet revealed is if this teen was also responsible for vandalizing a 9/11 memorial in Plymouth.

Earlier this week, we reported the details of that destruction:

Dick Quintal took out a 2nd mortgage on his home to help fund a 9/11 memorial, completing the work in 2004. Local authorities notified Quintal that over the weekend, the tribute to the fallen of that dark day had been vandalized.

In a disgusting act of cowardice, hatred and ignorance, a statue of a police officer at the memorial was found toppled over and broken on Sunday. In addition, a lamp and electrical box that control lighting to the memorial were damaged. All of that coming a week after Plymouth Rock was vandalized, being tagged with graffiti.

Quintal, a former town selectman, said:

“At first I was angry, then I’m heartbroken. It’s just sad. People don’t know that families come here. I’ve met people from all over the country that come here.”

The statue of the officer, which stands alongside one of a firefighter and a piece of structural steal from one of the towers, was pushed over and beheaded. It was a gift from Quintal’s late father, replacing the original statue that was destroyed several years ago.

“My father actually got me the police officer statue the 2nd time, and now he’s not here,” said Quintal, obviously emotional.

“It’s completely uncalled for. I equate it with damaging a cemetery,” said Ken Tavares, the chairman of the Plymouth Board of Selectmen.

When asked what his message to the vandals would be, Tavares said:

“Stop. Completely unwarranted. Just think about it. If this had your family members name on the memorial, how would it make you feel?”

Police have made no determinations as to whether the two acts of vandalism are related.

Dozens of firefighters went to work to repair the memorial. More than two dozen members of the Plymouth Fire Local 1768 Union showed up to fix the damage. The replaced the American flags with new ones, added mulch and wiped down all of the granite stones, removing the winter wear.

“They can knock us down, but we will always get back up even stronger,” the union tweeted. “We are firefighters. We never forget.”

This morning, a contingent of over 25 Plymouth Fire Local 1768 members were on scene to repair our 9/11 memorial that was desecrated by vandals. They can knock us down, but we will always get back up even stronger. We are firefighters. We never forget. pic.twitter.com/nIpTU8zmm6

&mdash Plymouth Fire L-1768 (@PlymouthFire) February 24, 2020

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Watch the video: Historic Plymouth Rock Defaced With Blood-Red Graffiti!


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